We are thrilled to welcome a pioneer in Christian hip hop, Precise Bob Young, to The Christ Revolution Music Show. We’ll be diving into his music career, his experiences in the industry, and the impact he’s made on the gospel music scene.
The Early Days of Christian Hip Hop

I remember the early days of Christian hip hop, when I first saw Precise perform at the Salem Coffee House Rap Fest. It was a time of heavy spiritual movement in New York City, and artists dedicated to Christ were beginning to find each other and collaborate. Precise and his brother Steve, known as “The Soldier,” were among these artists, leading to the formation of the Market East project and a friendship with Corey Redd.
One of our past collaborations that stands out is the song “It’s My Turn.” However, finding Precise’s older music on streaming platforms can be a challenge. Despite this, the growth and maturity in Precise’s music are evident, and I’m excited to delve into his influences and sound.
The Influences Behind the Music

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, Precise grew up in the same projects as the Wu-Tang Clan. His sound was shaped by hip hop’s golden era and artists like Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, and Slick Rick. He recalls a time in school when a fellow student battled his friend with a song that impressed everyone, sparking his interest in rap.
Growing up in impoverished areas of New York City, Precise found music to be a powerful outlet for self-expression. He admired artists like Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince and was part of a crew called Bomb Central. They had a completed album and a desire to be signed by a record label.
Embracing the Call to Rap for Jesus

Precise’s journey into gospel hip hop began with a prayer for confirmation and a request for skill on the microphone. This led him to embrace the name “Precise” and accept his calling to rap for Jesus. Transitioning from rapping in the streets to performing in churches wasn’t easy, but Precise embraced the challenge and found a community of Christian emcees in New York City.
One of his songs, “Milk It,” was inspired by the concept of the milk of the word in the Bible. Precise realized the importance of making his message accessible, meeting people where they were at.
The Impact of Music

Despite his severe stage fright, Precise found comfort in performing in the streets. He recalls a time when someone approached him during a performance, not knowing about his stage fright, and told him that it’s not about being on a microphone in front of people. This was a powerful reminder of the impact his music could have.
One person who was contemplating suicide was touched by his music and decided not to go through with it. This is a testament to the positive impact Precise’s music has had, even if not everyone resonates with it.
The Journey of a Christian Hip Hop Artist

Precise’s willingness to perform in various settings, including churches, prison systems, community events, and street cyphers, showcases his dedication to his craft. He recalls seeing the Cross Movement, a group of 30 artists, perform at an event and realizing that there was a bona fide movement happening.
Despite the challenges faced by gospel rap artists, Precise persevered, showcasing what God was doing through their lives. He also acknowledges the importance of understanding the music industry, specifically in terms of rights and royalties. He encourages artists to register their music and join organizations like Sound Exchange to potentially receive quarterly checks that can support their ministry.
Looking Forward

Precise has exciting projects on the horizon, including his album release on January 1st and a planned anniversary concert for the 20th anniversary of the “Resistance is Futile” album. He encourages listeners to follow him on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and to share his music with others.
In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude to Precise for his time and contribution to the show. Answering God’s call is not only a blessing for oneself but also for others. The purpose of our work is to serve and uplift others, and we encourage everyone to keep pushing, grinding, and staying spiritually, physically, and mentally fit. Thank you for tuning in, and don’t forget to follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and X.

Precise AKA Bob Young and Corey RedPrecise Bob Young, Corey Red and BizzleTIMECODE REFERENCES:

Precise Bob Young’s Music Career (00:02:13) Precise Bob Young talks about his music career and his experiences in the industry, including his early days in Christian hip hop.
The Market East Project (00:03:13) Precise Bob Young discusses the beginnings of the Market East project, where he met Brother Corby and started forging friendships and ministry bonds.
Influences and Sound (00:06:18) Precise Bob Young talks about his influences in hip hop’s golden era and how growing up in Brooklyn and Staten Island shaped his sound.
The transition to Christian hip hop (00:08:04) Bob Young talks about his early experiences with rap music and the influence of artists like Kane, Slick Rick, and Public Enemy.
Finding a creative outlet through writing (00:10:28) Bob Young discusses how writing became his form of expression, particularly in a city where there were limited outlets for artistic expression.
Choosing faith over a record deal (00:12:17) Bob Young shares his decision to turn away from a potential record deal and pursue a life dedicated to God, despite the consequences it had on his music career.
The birth of gospel hip hop (00:15:27) Precise talks about how he felt the desire to write gospel hip hop music and how he initially thought he was crazy for wanting to rap for God.
Meeting other Christian emcees (00:15:53) We discuss how they and other Christian emcees felt like they were the first ones to create gospel hip hop music, and how they were surprised to find others doing the same.
The name “Precise” and meeting other artists (00:17:16) Precise talks about how he initially tried to leave behind his street name, “Precise,” but eventually embraced it. He also discusses meeting other Christian artists in New York and how they started collaborating.
The movement of God in the earth (00:22:46) Precise talks about witnessing a movement of God in different states and meeting people from various places.
Severe stage fright (00:23:51) Precise reveals that he has severe stage fright and shares a humorous anecdote about running to the bathroom during a rap fest due to discomfort.
Reaching regular people outside the church bubble (00:28:09) Precise discusses facing scrutiny for taking the gospel outside of the church and the importance of sharing the message with non-believers.
The introduction of Christian hip hop (00:29:57) Precise discusses his first exposure to Christian hip hop and his initial disappointment with the skill level of the artists.
Discovering talented Christian hip hop artists (00:32:38) Precise talks about meeting other talented Christian hip hop artists in New York, including Desiree Renee, and being impressed by their skills.
The challenges faced by gospel rap artists (00:34:48) Precise discusses the negative reception and lack of respect for gospel rap artists in the industry, including being given less prominent stages at events.
The Resistance is Futile Album (00:36:56) Precise Bob Young discusses the release of the album “Resistance is Futile” and his solo project “His Story My Shoes.”
Collaboration with Domingo (00:39:48) Precise Bob Young talks about his collaboration with legendary producer Domingo and the upcoming fourth quarter album.
The Silent (00:40:30) Precise Bob Young announces the release of his solo album “The Silent” in January 2024 and plans for a release party in February.
The importance of registering and joining music companies (00:43:57) Precise discusses the importance of registering music with companies like BMI, ASCAP, and Sound Exchange to earn money and receive royalties.
The benefits of building relationships and networking (00:46:02) I emphasize the importance of building relationships with DJs and other artists in order to expand one’s ministry and improve the quality of their music.
Upcoming album release and future plans (00:49:33) Precise shares information about his upcoming album release and announces plans for a 20th-anniversary concert for the “Resistance is Futile” album.
The Resistance is Futile Album Anniversary (00:50:57) Discussion about the 20th anniversary of the Resistance is Futile album and plans for a ticket giveaway.
Thanking Precise for His Time (00:51:52) Expressing gratitude to Precise for his time and contribution to the show.
Closing Remarks and Social Media Promotion (00:51:59) Encouraging listeners to stay connected on social media and expressing gratitude to everyone for their support.

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