Welcome to another jam-packed episode of Da Fixx. From acknowledging the devastating wildfire disaster in Maui to celebrating the life and contributions of rapper Magoo in Hip Hop, we’ve got your trending topics. We also have very special guest. Katari Bluford, from Season 2 of The Four with DJ Khaled joins us for a conversation about faith, authenticity and being a Christian in Hollywood.
Prayers for Maui and Tribute to Magoo

We started the episode by expressing our heartfelt prayers for the families affected by the wildfire disaster in Maui. We encourage everyone to extend their support to organizations like the Maui Food Bank and the Salvation Army, who are tirelessly working to help the victims.
We also took a moment to remember the late rapper Magoo, whose clean and conscious music made a significant impact in an era dominated by explicit content. His contributions to the hip-hop industry will always be remembered.
Celebrating Kateri Bluford’s Faith-Centered Music

Our guest for this episode was the talented Kateri Bluford, known for her faith-centered music. We had an engaging discussion about her experience on season two of “The Four” and how she managed to bring her faith into her performances. Kateri shared that her time on the show was an assignment from God, and she was able to stay true to herself and her music.
We admire Kateri’s talent and her ability to represent believers in spaces where they are not typically seen. Her authenticity and the impact she has through her music is truly inspiring.
Kateri’s Christian Mission in Hollywood

Kateri shared her experience of being called by God to spread the gospel in Hollywood. She emphasized the importance of being prepared and bold in one’s faith, especially in an industry where faith is not openly expressed. We appreciated her boldness and passion for her mission and discussed the importance of being sold out to God and not running away from one’s calling.
Collaboration in the Music Industry

We also discussed whether Christian artists should collaborate with secular or mainstream artists. Kateri explained that it depends on the content of the collaboration and reminded listeners that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces. Therefore, it’s important to have a clear purpose and common ground when collaborating with others.
The Importance of Sync Placements

We emphasized the importance of sync placements and how they can benefit artists. Sync placements can generate royalties for artists and increase their notoriety as professionals. We encouraged artists to take care of their business and ensure that their music is registered, mixed, and mastered.
Staying the Course and Pursuing Goals

We discussed the importance of staying the course and continuing to work hard in pursuit of their goals. We emphasized the need to put oneself out there and make money while pushing a kingdom agenda. We also acknowledged that sync placement is an arena that anyone can enter, whether they are a performing artist or someone who writes for movies or commercials.
Addressing Controversies and Promoting Respect

We addressed a controversy involving Neo, who had to apologize to the transgender community. We emphasized that our belief in marriage being between a man and a woman is rooted in our faith and not an attempt to redefine marriage. We encouraged respectful dialogue without discrimination or hatred towards any community, including the LGBTQ+ community.
Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to sharing more insightful discussions with you in our future episodes.


Prayers for Maui Wildfire Victims [00:00:34] Discussion about the wildfire disaster in Maui and the need for prayers and support for the affected families.
Donating to Help Maui [00:01:19] Information about various organizations and websites where listeners can donate to support the wildfire victims in Maui.
Remembering Magoo [00:03:22] Acknowledgment of the passing of rapper Magoo and his contributions to the hip hop industry, particularly his involvement with Timbaland and Missy Elliott.
The mission is clear [00:11:10] Kateri Bluford shares her experience of realizing her mission and boldly expressing her faith in Hollywood.
Proving her faith [00:14:49] Kateri talks about stepping on stage and proving to the judges and the audience that she means what she says and that her faith is genuine.
Impacting unexpected individuals [00:17:58] Kateri mentions some notable people, such as Ty Dolla Sign, Snow Allegra, and Queen Latifah, who have responded positively to her faith-based message.
Should Christian Artists Collaborate with Secular Artists? [00:21:00] Discussion on whether Christian artists should collaborate with secular artists and the importance of considering the content and purpose of the collaboration.
The Influence of Collaboration and Grace [00:22:13] Exploration of the impact collaborations can have on both artists and the importance of understanding the grace and influence that can come from these relationships.
Being Cautious in Collaborations and Recognizing the Power of Spirits [00:25:52] Advice on being wise and cautious when collaborating with others, especially secular artists, and being aware of the spiritual influence that can come from these connections.
Sync Placements and the Importance of Exposure [00:34:05] Discussion on the significance of sync placements in gaining exposure and generating royalties for artists.
Benefits of Sync Deals and Growing as a Professional [00:35:07] Exploration of the financial and professional advantages of sync deals, including increased followers and shazams.
Researching Sync Licensing Companies and Handling Business [00:39:40] Advice on reaching out to sync licensing companies, ensuring music is registered, mixed, and mastered, and the potential for earning additional income outside of streaming platforms.
The rise of sync placements and the role of sync agents [00:42:37] The hosts discuss the importance of sync placements and how artists and producers can benefit from hiring sync agents to help them navigate the process.
Creating a page for sync music and being intentional with song descriptions [00:44:13] The hosts suggest that artists create a separate page on their website specifically for sync music, and emphasize the importance of being clear and intentional in describing the songs to attract potential sync opportunities.
The growing market for sync royalties and the potential for artists to capitalize on it [00:47:35] The hosts highlight the increasing value of sync royalties, citing a report that shows a significant spike in the first half of 2023, and encourage artists to take advantage of the multiple ways they can make money through sync placements.
Terry Be Coming On Here and Preaching [00:54:23] Discussion about Terry’s impactful message and her authenticity in the entertainment industry.
Neo’s Controversial Comments and Apology [00:56:18] Conversation about Neo’s apology to the transgender community for his remarks on gender identity.
Respecting Different Opinions [00:58:02] Discussion on the importance of respecting different opinions and the need for a backbone in expressing one’s beliefs.
The importance of showing love and not promoting hatred [01:00:59] The importance of not promoting hatred towards any community, including the LGBT+ community, and encourages listeners to be respectful and loving.
Encouraging healthy dialogue and walking away from disagreements [01:01:48] Host urges listeners to engage in healthy dialogue but to walk away from heated arguments, avoiding name-calling and disrespectful behavior.
Teaser for the upcoming episode about wins [01:02:40] Host mentions the next episode, “Winning Wins,” and hints at a discussion about wins, with co-host adding that there will be biblical insights and a spiritual detox segment.

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