Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx Radio Show where we delve into the world of Christian hip hop, discuss current events, and share insights on staying proactive and getting things done. In this episode we had the pleasure of hosting Alano Adan, a talented Christian rapper who shared his journey in the music industry and the importance of building authentic relationships in the business.
Setting the Stage

In our previous episode, we couldn’t cover everything we wanted to, so we decided to continue the discussion in this episode. We also had the pleasure of introducing Alano Adan, a rapper who shared his latest projects with us.
We kicked off the episode by discussing a controversial music video that featured underage girls twerking. The video sparked outrage on Twitter, and we emphasized the need to speak up against such content and protect young girls from exploitation. We also touched on the importance of having conversations with young ladies to let them know that such behavior is not cool and can attract predators.
Upcoming Music Releases

We then moved on to discuss upcoming music releases, including a summer playlist by Reach Records, KB’s project, and Indie Tribe’s upcoming release. We joked about how we can’t keep up with all the new music and suggested that other artists hold off on releasing their projects for a while.
Spiritual Detox Segment

Next, we introduced the spiritual detox segment of the show and expressed our excitement about having Alano Adan as a guest. We recently learned some interesting facts about him and were looking forward to the interview.
Alano’s Journey in Christian Hip Hop

Lionel, a Christian rapper, shared his perception of the Christian hip hop subgenre. He disagreed with the notion that it is a small community and believes that the vision for the genre needs to be bigger. Lionel shared his own experience of starting off quietly, posting music links on Facebook, but realizing that you never know who might be listening to your music. He mentioned that even big-name artists have reached out to him and praised his work, emphasizing the power of the internet and its ability to connect artists with a wide audience.
The Importance of Understanding and Appreciating Different Cultures

Our conversation revolved around the importance of understanding and appreciating different cultures in order to effectively engage with them through art. We emphasized the need for Christians in the art industry to marry their zeal for God with high-quality work. We agreed that there is a lack of spotlight on these Christian outlets and expressed the need for that to change.
The Power of Collaboration and Relationships

We then moved on to the topic of collaboration among artists. Alano acknowledged that there can be a lack of unity and a preference for solo work among artists due to financial considerations and past negative experiences. He shared his personal decision to only collaborate with artists he genuinely wants to work with and build relationships with. He also mentioned the importance of fair communication and splitting credits and profits equally in collaborations.
Being Proactive and Open to New Ideas

We discussed the importance of being proactive in various aspects of life. We emphasized the need to ask for help and not wait for others to take action on their behalf. We also highlighted the significance of having a positive mindset and energy. We compared positive and negative energy to magnets, stating that what one puts out into the world will attract similar energy. We encouraged listeners to let go of negativity and remain positive in order to attract what they desire.
The Importance of Being Prepared

We also touched on the importance of planning for potential setbacks and challenges. We emphasized the need to have contingency plans and be prepared for unexpected circumstances. We discussed the importance of having a backup plan and not solely relying on one platform or strategy.
Exciting Collaborations

We highlighted the collaboration between Alano Adan and Caleb Gordon, expressing our excitement for artists coming together to create joint projects. We discussed the potential impact of these collaborations and even suggested doing a show with mixes of their songs.
Wrapping Up

We concluded the episode by encouraging listeners to check out the EP by Alano and Caleb and reminding them to stay focused on their goals. We also teased an upcoming episode with iconic legends as guests, promising insightful conversations and dropped gems. We encouraged listeners to follow us on social media and YouTube for updates and footage of interviews and events.
We hope you found it informative and engaging. If so, please leave us a comment and share your thoughts on the show! Thank you for joining us and until next time, God bless.

Alano Adan and Caleb Gordon on the set of their video.Alano AdanTIMECODE REFERENCES:

The importance of staying proactive [00:00:57] Discussion on the significance of being proactive and getting things done.
Concerns about inappropriate music videos [00:04:44] Conversation about the outrage over a music video featuring underage girls twerking and the need for responsible adults to report such content.
Introduction to Alano Adan and his musical journey [00:08:50] Introducing Alano and discussing his musical journey, from starting in a small subgenre to where he is now.
The perception of the genre [00:09:29] Discussion on how the perception of the Christian rap genre as small can be problematic and shares examples of successful Christian artists with millions of streams.
Introduction to music background [00:10:51] Conversation about his background in music, growing up in a musical family involved in the Pentecostal Christian church, and starting with playing instruments at church.
Discovering Christian hip hop [00:11:43] Discussion how he got introduced to Christian hip hop and how it influenced his decision to start rapping for God, mentioning specific songs by Lecrae and The Truth that impacted him.
Unity and Collaboration [00:22:51] Discussion on the lack of unity among artists and the reasons behind artists preferring to work on their own.
Changing Artist Names [00:21:05] Conversation about why the speaker changed their artist name and the challenges they faced with their previous name.
Improving Quality and Visibility [00:20:08] Focus on the need for Christian artists to produce high-quality content and gain more visibility in the industry.
The importance of music inspiration [00:29:24] Discussion how certain artists inspire them to create music.
Artists they respect and want to collaborate with [00:30:21] Conversation about artists they respect and want to make music with, including Mission and Mike.
Introducing their latest single [00:31:17] Announcement on the release of their new single called “Victory Lap” and encourages listeners to stream it.
The importance of being proactive [00:38:31] Discussion the need to be proactive in asking for help and taking action towards achieving goals.
The power of positive energy [00:39:32] How positive energy attracts positive outcomes and emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset.
Overcoming obstacles and staying proactive [00:41:11] Discussion on the challenges and setbacks that may occur when pursuing a vision and the need to push past them and remain proactive.
Being open to ideas and suggestions [00:48:31] Discussion the importance of being open to different perspectives and ideas, using personal experiences in sports as examples.
Flexibility and adaptation [00:51:07] The need to be flexible and adapt to changes in order to be proactive and successful, using examples of social media and Jesus’ approach to different situations.
Planning for the worst [00:54:32] Discussion on the importance of having contingency plans and being prepared for potential challenges or setbacks in order to remain successful in achieving goals.
The collaboration between Alana Walden and Caleb [00:57:52] DJ Focus talks about the excitement of seeing Alano Adan and Caleb Gordon collaborate on an EP and encourages other artists to do the same.
Suggestive show on artist collaborations [00:58:36] Dice Gamble suggests doing a show discussing potential collaborations between artists and mentions a few pairs she would like to see work together.
DJ Focus’s dream collaborations [01:00:09] DJ Focus shares his desire to see collaborations between urban gospel artist Koryn Hawthorne and Aaron Cole, as well as between Pastor Dietrich Haddon and Angie Rose.

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