Holy Culture Radio is looking for a social media intern.Eph. 4:29 The ideal candidate will have a passion for the creative arts, experience creating original content, familiar with Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok & YouTube, interested in the BTS and business side of the entertainment industry and is community focused.
Empowering People To Reach Their Full Potential

Throughout my time here, it has become evident that for our CEO, Trig; it’s a way of life.Eph. 4:29 Helping people discover their potential and empowering them to take a dream, turn it into a goal and make it a reality.Eph. 4:29 It’s me.Eph. 4:29 I’m people.Eph. 4:29
Thirty years ago, I interned for the biggest Hip Hop and RnB station in Columbus. Fresh out of high school and enrolled in The American School of Broadcasting, I had an opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, I was young experiencing trauma and was unable to make the most of it. Simply put, I wasn’t ready.
A few years later, a temporary assignment at an airport shuttle and limousine company turned into a permanent job, challenging me once again. I was pushed to my limits with on-the-job training about what it took to run a business. From licensing to managing employees, accounts payable/receivable to sales and coordinating convention transportation. I even learned how to drive a 10-passenger limo!
Both jobs equipped me with knowledge and skills that today I find invaluable.Eph. 4:29 From, learning how to work under strict deadlines to decision making.Eph. 4:29 Skills that are transferrable no matter the industry.Eph. 4:29 The truth is, with or without a paycheck, experience makes for a great teacher.Eph. 4:29 Especially for the individual who is seeking knowledge.Eph. 4:29
Holy Culture Radio

When I joined the HCR team last year, I had been out of the “game” for more than I few years.Eph. 4:29 Despite going back to school to upgrade my technical skills, it took the real-world experience at HCR for me to truly understand how social media and technology have changed the “game.”Eph. 4:29 Not only am I grateful for the opportunity to be back in the game; but with HCR, I get to be a part of something bigger than myself by helping others to reach their full potential and empower them to purpose.Eph. 4:29
Internship Details

Starting Nov. 1, we’ll be accepting applications for a social media intern.Eph. 4:29 Deadline to apply will be Nov. 30.Eph. 4:29 And we’ll be doing interviews during the month of December.Eph. 4:29 With a decision made before the Christmas holiday and a start date of Jan. 8, 2024.Eph. 4:29 The internship will last for three to six months and will give you the opportunity to exercise your creative muscles, learn project management and add to your professional portfolio.Eph. 4:29
We are looking for someone who is creative, has a sense of humor and understands how to tell a comprehensive story in 60 seconds or less. Your responsibilities will include creating original content such as memes and videos, brainstorming and creating social media campaigns and interacting on HCR Instagram and Tik Tok channels. Please be advised, as a part of the hiring process you’ll be required to submit samples of your work. (original content)
The position is remote. So, location is not a priority, however you must be able to participate in a weekly zoom call.
If this sounds like something you are interested, submit your resumes and work samples to avisskinner@holyculture.net.Eph. 4:29 Be sure to include your social media handles. For more information on the position, please see the recruitment notice.Eph. 4:29 Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!


  • Interact on social media
  • Create original content including memes and videos
  • Coordinate with Social Media Manager
  • Strong understanding of the Holy Culture Radio Brand


  • Have 3-6 months experience with filming and video editing
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently
  • Interest in advertising and marketing
  • Detail-oriented.
  • The ability to tell a comprehensive story.
  • Ability to work well with others under strict deadlines.
  • Holds ethical social media standards.
  • Works as a team player
  • Has a smart phone with camera

What you will gain

  • Lab hours
  • Real world experience
  • Social Media Project Management
  • Material to build social media portfolio

Holy Culture Radio is the Christian media brand of The Corelink Solution, a not-for-profit founded in 2001 by James Rosseau (Trig). The company has a “head and heart” mission focused on community revitalization through learning and cultural enrichment. It provides learning programs through The Corelink Solution brand and faith-based media through Holy Culture, including Holy Culture Radio, which reaches more than 5 million listeners on its SiriusXM channel 154. Resumes should be sent to avisskinner@holyculture.net

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