On this episode of Da Fixx, we welcome Meelah Williams, a member of the legendary R&B group 702, who has recently become an author and is spreading awareness for autism.
The Power of Agreement Among Believers

On Thursdays, Dice and I love to delve into the Bible, and today’s topic is the power of agreement among believers. We encourage you to share this show with others, especially those who may be disagreeable. We believe that unity and agreement are powerful tools in our faith journey.
The Christian Hip Hop Scene

We recently heard from our friend, Mike Teezy, who was featured on the podcast “Know For Sure” with B Simone and Megan Brooks. Mike shared about his faith journey and the Christian hip hop scene. We were thrilled to hear the hosts of the podcast praising the talent of Christian rappers like Caleb Gordon and Asante. It’s always inspiring to see faith and talent merge in such a powerful way.
A Conversation with Meelah Williams

We’re thrilled to have Meelah Williams on our show. We discuss various topics, including her faith journey and the impact of her mother’s passing. Meelah shares her journey of grief and faith as a single mother. She expresses gratitude for what she has and acknowledges that her strong faith, instilled in her by her mother, has helped her navigate through the difficult process of grief.
Autism Awareness

Meelah opens up about her son’s diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and global developmental delay. She shares the challenges they face daily, which are often not visible in the pictures she shares on social media. This conversation is a reminder that everyone is fighting their own battles, and it’s important to be kind and understanding.
The Journey of 702

Meelah takes us back to the 90s, sharing her experiences with 702. From recording their first album while still in high school to going on tour with New Edition, Meelah reflects on the surreal and blessed journey they had. Despite the excitement, she acknowledges the challenges they faced and expresses gratitude for staying grounded and keeping her mind intact.
Advice for Young Artists

Meelah emphasizes the importance of humility for young artists embarking on a similar journey. She believes that humility is key in an industry that can chew you up and spit you out. She encourages artists to be proud of their talents but also remain open to learning and growth.
Personal Growth and Maturity

We discuss personal growth, maturity, and the dynamics within a group. Meelah reflects on her journey of becoming more vocal and assertive, contrasting her past role of being quiet and holding back. She credits her mother for being a role model in speaking up and passing the baton to her.
The Importance of Submission

We shift the conversation to the topic of agreeing with God and the importance of submission. We emphasize the need to have a ready yes for God’s plans and to let go of pride. Submission can be challenging but necessary for personal growth.
The Miracle of Human Existence

We highlight the concept of agreement by discussing the miracle of human existence and the natural order established by God. No life comes into existence without the involvement of a woman, highlighting the universal law and agreement set by God.
The Importance of Bearing Fruit

We discuss the importance of being in agreement with God and trusting in His promises. We emphasize that God’s word is the truth and that everything in the world is built on His principles. We highlight the significance of bearing fruit and how it is a reflection of one’s faith and obedience to God.
Personal Transformation

We discuss the importance of personal transformation and the need to change old habits. We use the example of our own weight loss journeys to illustrate the power of transformation and how it can inspire others.
The Concept of Agreement with God

We wrap up our discussion by emphasizing the concept of agreement with God. We express gratitude for the ways in which God has thoughtfully prepared things for humans, such as the packaging of an orange. We encourage listeners to align themselves with God and be in agreement with His plans and purposes.
We thank Meelah Williams for joining us and sharing her journey. We appreciate her openness and the insights she has provided. We hope that this conversation has been as enlightening for you as it has been for us. Until next time, keep the faith and stay blessed.


The power of agreement [00:03:08] Discussion on the power of agreement among believers and how it can change lives.
Interview with Meelah Williams [00:06:31] Conversation with Meelah Williams, member of the group 702, about autism, her faith journey, and music.
Meelah Williams’ faith journey [00:08:08] Meelah Williams shares her experience of going through the loss of her mother and how her faith in God has helped her cope and move forward.
Grieving as a Single Mom [00:09:49] Meelah Williams discusses her experience of grief as a single mom and the importance of holding on to faith.
Discovering Zach’s Delays [00:11:30] Meelah Williams shares the story of her son Zach’s birth complications and the subsequent delays they noticed in his development.
Early Intervention and Autism Diagnosis [00:14:23] Meelah Williams talks about starting early intervention for Zach before receiving his official autism spectrum disorder diagnosis at the age of four.
The experience of recording the first album in high school [00:20:35] Meelah Williams talks about recording the entire first album while still in high school and juggling schoolwork and recording sessions.
The excitement and whirlwind of success as young artists [00:22:15] Meelah Williams reflects on the surreal and fast-paced experience of graduating high school, moving to New York, shooting music videos, and going on a 33-city tour.
The importance of humility and gratitude in the music industry [00:24:18] Meelah Williams emphasizes the need for humility, gratitude, and respect in the music industry, and advises young artists to focus on their craft and be open to learning from those who came before them.
The dynamics of being in a girl group [00:30:00] Meelah Williams discusses the growth and maturity required in a girl group and the different perspectives and roles within the group.
Meelah’s evolution in speaking up [00:30:34] Meelah reflects on her journey from being quiet and not speaking up to becoming more vocal and addressing issues in the group.
Agreeing with God and the struggle of submission [00:33:14] The hosts discuss the importance of having a ready yes and being in agreement with God, as well as the struggle of submitting to His plans and overcoming personal pride.
The importance of agreement with God [00:39:22] Discussion on the significance of trusting and agreeing with God’s promises and not doubting.
Disobedience as a hindrance [00:41:44] Exploration of the negative impact of disobedience and how it prevents blessings and fulfillment of purpose.
The importance of bearing fruit [00:44:11] Explanation of how bearing fruit is a sign of being aligned with God’s will and purpose, while fruitlessness indicates a lack of alignment.
The journey of transformation [00:49:44] The speakers discuss the process of personal transformation and the importance of making gradual changes to become a better version of oneself.
The temptation of fried chicken [00:50:02] They talk about the struggle to resist unhealthy food cravings and the importance of staying committed to a healthy lifestyle.
Blaming others instead of taking responsibility [00:53:19] The speakers emphasize the need to take responsibility for one’s actions and choices, rather than blaming external factors or expecting God to fix the consequences of unhealthy habits.
The conversation on agreement [00:59:47] Discussion on the importance of being in agreement with God and aligning with His will.
Trusting God’s promises [01:00:49] Exploring the trust and faith required to believe in God’s promises and aligning with Him.
Autism awareness and support [01:03:27] Highlighting the guest’s work in raising awareness about autism and providing tools and support for those dealing with it.

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