Lacrea is stretching his artistic muscle in his new role as angel Gabriel in the musical production of Journey to Bethlehem.
The movie due out November 10th, is a new take on the beloved tale of Christ’s birth.
Lecrae is charged with delivering the good news to Mary played by Fiona Palomo while Award-winning Antonio Banderas plays the power-hungry King Herod.
As first covered by Movieguide, Lacrae says “We’ve already seen the phenomenal impact of telling powerful stories to music with the phenomenon of HAMILTON. I think this is something that’s being brought to the big screen with the same level of artistic excellence. A lot of times, people may have lower expectations because it’s a musical or it’s about a faith-based theme. But no, the acting is top tier, and the writing and storytelling is top tier. So I’m excited for people to just encounter it. I think they’re going to be blown away by what they see.”

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