In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Don Ready, also known as Mr. Young Greatness for our spiritual detox segment. In our real talk segment, we are talking about communication in our relationships and the importance of honesty.
Bold Believers and Self-Care Advocates

As believers, Dice and I always emphasize the importance of being bold in our faith and representing God. We believe that our faith should be a beacon of hope and inspiration to others. On this particular day, we also celebrated International Self-Care Day, reminding our listeners to prioritize their mental health. We even had a light-hearted debate about the difference between a smoothie and a milkshake!
Celebrating Love and Introducing Mr. Young Greatness

In the spirit of celebration, I shared about my anniversary month and expressed gratitude for my wife. We then introduced our guest, Don Ready, an underrated artist with a unique music style and inspiring faith journey. We also teased an upcoming discussion on communication within relationships and whether partners should share everything before marriage.
The Journey to Greatness with Don Ready

Don Ready, our esteemed guest, shared the concept behind his stage name, Mr. Young Greatness. He believes that greatness is not limited by age and that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness and inspire others. He sees himself as a teacher, guiding and inspiring others to be great in whatever they do.
Don Ready also mentioned his co-founded company, which is still in the works. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and serving others, sharing how he and Yung Kriss support and collaborate with each other in their music and content creation. He believes in putting in the work and doing everything with excellence, even if it’s not immediately rewarded.
The Power of Consistency and Humility

Don Ready shared his experience of starting his radio show and the importance of staying faithful and consistent. He served and performed for free at various events for the first four years, investing his own money to get his radio show on platforms. He emphasized the importance of humility and connecting with people, sharing that he doesn’t just hang out in the green room but goes out to talk to the audience because that’s what Jesus would do.
The Influence of Hip Hop and the Desire to Bridge the Gap

Don Ready discussed the influence of hip hop on culture and how it has given a different language and depth to music. He expressed his desire to bring back his worship rap project to bridge the gap between rap and worship music. I agreed and mentioned the importance of collaboration between mainstream and Christian artists in infusing hip hop with faith-based messages.
The Importance of Honest Communication in Relationships

Dice Gamble and I delved into the topic of dating and relationships. We emphasized the importance of being open and honest with your partner, even if it means sharing past traumas or vulnerabilities. Dice shared her personal experience of being open and honest with her husband from the beginning of their relationship. She believes that being upfront about her past allowed them to skip the traditional dating process and build a strong foundation.
The Role of Therapy in Healing

We also discussed the role of therapy in dealing with past traumas and how sharing those experiences with your partner can help in the healing process. We encouraged listeners to be open and transparent with their partners, as it is through honesty that relationships can thrive.

In conclusion, we believe that honesty and communication are the bedrock of any successful relationship. We encourage everyone to be open about their past traumas, struggles, and emotions with their partner. We also stress the importance of seeking therapy and counseling to address emotional damage and promote healing.
Remember, it’s through honesty that relationships can thrive. So, stay focused on turning negatives into positives and prioritize kingdom advancement. Until next time, keep the faith and keep the music playing!

Don Ready and Yung KrissTIMECODE REFERENCES:

Topic 1: Tiptoeing as believers [00:00:31]
Discussion about believers being bold and representing God, and the need to stop tiptoeing around their faith.
Topic 2: International Self-Care Day [00:02:42]
Introduction to International Self-Care Day and the importance of taking care of one’s mental health and endorsing healthy lifestyles.
Topic 3: Should we communicate everything in relationships? [00:06:08]
Discussion about effective communication in relationships and whether partners should share everything before marriage, considering past traumas and mental health issues.
Mr. Young Greatness and the Concept of Greatness [00:09:06]
Don Ready explains the meaning behind the name “Mr. Young Greatness” and how greatness is achievable at any age.
The Collective and Partnerships [00:10:33]
Don Ready discusses his involvement in a collective and partnerships that are currently in the works.
The Beauty of Collaboration and Servanthood [00:11:51]
Don Ready emphasizes the importance of collaboration and servanthood in achieving success and growth in the music industry.
The power and influence of hip hop [00:21:46]
Discussion on how hip hop has impacted music, language, and culture, and its influence on worship.
Infusing hip hop in worship [00:24:00]
The guest talks about infusing hip hop in praise and worship sets and his goal to mix the two genres.
The value of infusing hip hop and gospel [00:26:16]
The hosts discuss the importance of collabing and infusing hip hop and gospel music, citing examples like Kanye West’s Sunday Service and Pharrell Williams’ choir performance at a fashion show.
Influencing mainstream culture with Christian music [00:27:24]
The speaker discusses the goal of influencing mainstream culture with Christian music and the importance of creating high-quality music.
Releasing music consistently and on schedule [00:29:48]
The speaker talks about their goal of consistently releasing music on a schedule and the importance of being organized and prepared in advance.
The waterfall strategy for releasing singles and albums [00:30:59]
The speaker explains the waterfall strategy, which involves releasing singles before including them on an album, and discusses the importance of strategically releasing music.
The dating advice [00:39:00]
Discussion on the importance of honesty in relationships and giving the other person the opportunity to choose.
Being honest about past experiences [00:41:24]
Sharing personal stories about past experiences and traumas in order to establish trust and understanding in a relationship.
Speed dating approach to relationship [00:44:19]
Describing the straightforward and honest approach to dating and relationships, skipping the traditional dating process and laying everything on the table.
Honesty in Relationships [00:45:09]
The importance of honest conversations and knowing each other’s weaknesses in a relationship.
Knowing the Worst Version [00:45:59]
The significance of knowing and accepting the worst version of your partner in marriage counseling.
Sharing Traumas [00:49:18]
The necessity of sharing past traumas and childhood experiences with your spouse for healing and support.
Honesty in Relationships [00:55:40]
The importance of being honest in relationships and the consequences of hiding the truth.
The Power of Testimony [00:57:24]
The significance of sharing personal testimonies and how it can bring freedom and fuel faith.
Building Trust through Honesty [01:03:20]
The role of honesty in building trust in relationships and the freedom it brings.
The importance of honesty [01:04:09]
The hosts discuss the importance of honesty in relationships and how lying can lead to separation and mistrust.
The role of therapy [01:06:25]
The hosts talk about the importance of being honest in therapy sessions and not withholding information from the therapist.
Upcoming events and concerts [01:08:14]
The hosts announce upcoming events and concerts, including the Red Hands Family Reunion Tour at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, featuring various artists.

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