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Welcome to another episode of The 116 Life with Reach Records SVP of A&R Ace Harris and new co-host Meah Evans. Our special guest this episode of The 116 Life is Atlanta Journalist and CHH connoisseur Amber Worthy. She’s sharing her inspiring journey with us.
Amber’s Journey: From McDonough to Decatur

Amber, who recently moved from McDonough to Decatur, shares her journey of settling into her first adult apartment in Atlanta. She reminisces about her upbringing in Atlanta, her high school days at DeKalb Early College Academy, and her connection to Cedar Grove. Amber fondly refers to Reach as her home and talks about her church on Panthersville Road, where she found her faith and gave her life to Christ at the age of 16.
Faith and Upbringing

Amber’s faith journey is deeply rooted in her upbringing. She credits her mother’s dedication to the church as a significant influence on her faith. Being active in church helped her establish her faith and set boundaries. Amber, known for her warm and inviting personality, also admits to being a bit sassy.
A Career in Journalism

Amber’s career path led her to journalism, a shift from her initial interest in computer science. She started college in the 11th grade and has since been navigating the media industry. Despite facing challenges due to her Southern accent, Amber fell in love with news and enjoys telling people’s stories.
Balancing Authenticity and Industry Expectations

Amber admits to the struggle of balancing authenticity and industry expectations. However, mentors like Monica Pearson and Romney Smith taught her to be confident and assertive. Her empathetic nature has been a significant asset in convincing people to share their stories.
Empathy in Storytelling

Amber’s approach to storytelling is deeply empathetic. She often finds herself approaching people on their worst days, and she shares a touching story about a family who initially didn’t want to do an interview but eventually agreed. Their story continues to impact others even after their loss.
Processing Trauma and the Role of the Church

Amber opens up about a traumatic experience in college that shattered her optimism. She discusses the role of the church in helping individuals process trauma and the importance of trauma-informed pastors. Amber found solace in music, particularly Christian hip hop, during her pain. Songs like “Sweet Victory” and “Round of Applause” became her battle songs, helping her find strength and victory over her struggles.
Intersection with Christian Hip Hop

Amber’s intersection with Christian hip hop began at a young age. Meah and Amber discuss their experiences with Christian hip hop and its impact on their lives. Meah recalls her first memory of attending a show, where she saw Lecrae and Sho Baraka performing in a neighborhood in Atlanta.
Female Representation in Christian Hip Hop

The conversation shifts to the importance of female representation in Christian hip hop. Amber shares her personal connection to female artists and how their voices are necessary in all spaces, especially in a culture that often marginalizes women.
The Evolution of Christian Hip Hop

Amber expresses her excitement about the growth and evolution of Christian hip hop. She praises Reach Records for their inclusivity and genuine care for their fans, creating a community that goes beyond just online interactions.
Amber’s Future Plans

Amber shares her experience of flying to San Antonio for a shame tour on her birthday. She expresses her excitement about meeting people in Texas who understand her love for the music genre. Amber reveals her future plans of creating content for people in this space, despite having a behind-the-scenes job in journalism that pays the bills.
Amber’s Message to the Listeners

Amber ends the conversation by urging everyone to keep going and to stop hiding their light. She encourages others to find their true calling and let their light shine in those areas.
In conclusion, our conversation with Amber Worthy was a deep dive into her life, faith, career, and love for Christian hip hop. Her resilience and ability to share her story as a survivor is truly inspiring. Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on The 116 Life.
Atlanta Jounalist Amber WorthyAmber at a birthday partyTIMECODE REFERENCES:

The transition to Atlanta [00:00:48] Amber discusses her recent move from McDonough to Decatur and her first apartment as an adult in Atlanta.
Amber’s faith journey [00:02:03] Amber talks about her upbringing in the church, her baptism, and her decision to fully commit to her faith at the age of 16.
Growing up in Atlanta [00:03:23] Amber shares her experience of growing up in Atlanta, being heavily involved in church, and navigating her love for hip hop and the black church culture.
The challenges of sounding “too Southern” [00:10:09] Amber discusses the challenges she faced in the media industry due to her Southern accent.
Balancing personal identity with industry expectations [00:10:48] Amber talks about the struggle of staying true to oneself while conforming to the industry’s desired personality.
The importance of empathy in storytelling [00:17:22] Amber shares how her personal experiences, including being assaulted and experiencing loss, have shaped her empathetic approach to storytelling.
Processing Trauma and the Church [00:20:57] Discussion on how the church handles trauma and the speaker’s personal experience with processing trauma within the church.
Dealing with Pain and Finding Victory [00:23:07] Conversation about being mad at God, the importance of therapy, and finding victory through music in the midst of pain and trauma.
The Impact of Christian Hip Hop [00:28:49] Exploration of the Amber’s intersection with Christian hip hop, starting from a young age, and the significance of certain songs in her life.
Lecrae’s First Show Memory [00:30:46] Amber recalls her first memory of seeing Lecrae perform in a neighborhood in Atlanta and how it impacted her.
The Importance of Female Artists [00:33:57] Amber discusses the significance of having female voices in Christian hip hop and how it relates to her personal experiences.
The Need for Artists to Keep Creating [00:38:52] The importance of artists not letting external factors or struggles stop them from creating and staying connected with their fans.
The importance of Texas fans [00:40:43] Amber discusses her experience meeting people in Texas who understand her love for the music and the significance of having friends who share that passion.
Future plans in journalism [00:41:39] Amber expresses her desire to create content for the genre and encourages others to flood the stream with more content, even if she needs a better cameraman.
Stop hiding and shine your light [00:42:46] Amber shares a message of encouragement to keep going, stop hiding, and shine where one feels most comfortable and where they are needed.

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