In a recent episode of The Corelink Solution, I had the pleasure of hosting Cameron Arnett, an award-winning actor, author, speaker, film director, producer, and voiceover artist. Our conversation revolved around Cameron’s journey in his career and personal life, his faith, and the challenges he has faced along the way.
Cameron Arnett: A Man of Faith and Talent

Cameron Arnett is a man who has successfully merged his faith with his career, leading unashamedly for Christ. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunities he has had in his career and reflected on how surreal it is to see where God has brought him from his humble beginnings in Haiti.
The Hidden Struggles Behind Success

During our conversation, Cameron shared something about himself that even those closest to him may not know. He discussed the challenges and disappointments he has faced in his career, emphasizing that success is often accompanied by rejection and disappointment. We are reminded that people often only see the highlight reel and not the struggles behind the scenes.
The Importance of Sharing Both Successes and Valleys

Cameron and I delved into the importance of sharing both the successes and the valleys in life. We discussed the need to outlast the unraveling that occurs when one starts doing the right thing. Cameron explained that people often only want to know about someone’s story after they have made it through the difficult times, rather than being there to support them during the challenges.
Christ Over Careers: A Defining Decision

When asked about his decision to found Christ Over Career, Cameron explained that his decision-making process is based on his belief that God’s word should be obeyed. He shared a personal experience where he had to choose between his Christian values and a lucrative acting role that required partial nudity. Despite the potential for success and fame, Cameron chose to prioritize his faith and declined the role. This decision led to significant challenges, including losing his marriage, home, and possessions. However, Cameron believes that his decision was the right one and that it ultimately strengthened his relationship with God.
Walking with God: A Journey of Self-Sacrifice and Surrender

Cameron shared his experiences of making tough decisions and following God’s calling. He emphasized that God gives visions to individuals, not committees or boards. He encouraged listeners not to seek validation from others when making difficult choices. He explained that walking with God often requires walking alone until God brings the right people into one’s life.
Running From or Running To: A Career Perspective

In my career clinic, I discussed the concept of running from or running to in one’s career. When considering a career move, it’s important to ask oneself if they are running from a situation or running to something better. Running from implies avoiding discomfort or pain, while running to involves moving towards one’s ideal place.
Final Thoughts

Our conversation with Cameron Arnett was a deep dive into the intersection of faith and career. It was a reminder that success is not just about the highlight reel, but also about the struggles and valleys. It was a testament to the power of faith and the importance of staying true to one’s values.
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As always, I encourage listeners to reflect on whether they are running from or running to in their own lives. By doing so, we can gain clarity and make informed decisions. Feel free to share your takeaways from the episode and ask any questions you may have on or our social media channels.
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The journey to success [00:01:39] Cameron Arnett discusses his journey from being a child in Haiti to becoming an award-winning actor and multi-talented artist.
The challenges of success [00:02:32] Cameron Arnett talks about the disappointments and rejections that come with success and how he navigates through them.
The unraveling before success [00:07:00] Cameron Arnett shares his experience of facing opposition and challenges when he started doing the right thing and following God’s path.
The founding of Christ over Careers [00:10:27] Cameron Arnett explains his decision to start Christ over Careers and the challenges he faced in making that choice.
The crisis of a career moment [00:12:16] Cameron Arnett recounts a pivotal moment in his career when he had to choose between his Christian beliefs and a leading role that required partial body nudity.
Choosing Christ over career [00:14:10] Cameron Arnett reflects on the consequences of choosing his faith over his career, including losing his marriage, home, and possessions, and how it became a defining theme in his life.
The Access Card [00:21:06] James talks about finally getting recognition and acceptance in his career, only to have it taken away.
Walking Alone [00:22:37] James discusses the importance of following one’s own vision and not seeking validation from others.
Yielding to Make Space [00:25:06] James commends Cameron for his humility and willingness to make space for others and asks for advice on how to achieve similar success.
Running from or running to? [00:31:57] James discusses the importance of asking oneself whether they are running from or running to in their career decisions.
The power of running to [00:32:59] When one is running towards their goals and vision, obstacles become hurdles that can be overcome with focus and determination.
Encouragement to reflect [00:34:05] James encourages listeners to stop and ask themselves if they are running from or running to in different changes and situations in their lives.

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