Hello everyone, I’m Pastor Phil, your host for the “Church on the Block” radio show. Alongside my co-hosts, Pastah J and Ruckus, we delve into the intricate world of hip hop, the church, and the streets. Our aim is to bring a real and raw perspective to these topics, addressing the reality of what is happening in humanity and how God views it. We strive to be culturally sensitive while staying true to biblical accuracy.
The Power of Hip Hop: A Conversation with K-Drama and Emcee Monte

In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting K-Drama and Monte, two hip hop artists with a long history in the music industry. K-Drama, who has been on a 24-year journey in music, shared his experiences from learning audio engineering and producing his own music to eventually signing with Cross Movement, a record label. He expressed his gratitude for having a platform where people want to hear his music.
Emcee Monte, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of being a teacher in the hip hop culture. He discussed the five elements of hip hop and how they play a crucial role in shaping the culture.
The Pursuit of Excellence in Hip Hop

Emcee Monte drawing from his experience as a dancer in the competitive breaking scene in Chicago, stressed the importance of constantly pushing oneself to grow as an artist. He believes that in hip hop culture, settling for mediocrity is not acceptable and that true emcees are always striving to be the best and improve their skills.
K-Drama added to the discussion by sharing his perspective as a Christian rapper. He talked about the challenges he faced in staying true to his own voice and not conforming to what is popular or expected in the industry. He believes that artists should be confident in their own voice and not feel the need to appease certain audiences or stakeholders.
Faith and Hip Hop: A Complex Relationship

We also discussed the role of faith in hip hop culture. We highlighted how faith in God has always been a part of hip hop, with artists like KRS One, Mos Def, and Rakim incorporating it into their music and storytelling. However, we acknowledged that there was a shift in the industry where record executives wanted to change the narrative and focus more on materialistic and violent themes in hip hop. This led to a compartmentalization of spirituality and the rest of life, where artists would give a nod to God but then go back to promoting negative messages.
The Desire for Change in the Industry

We expressed our desire to see a change in the industry and a return to the roots of hip hop, where artists can talk about healing the community, stopping violence, and being positive. We discussed the challenges of bringing awareness to the church and the body of Christ through our music. Some artists take a direct approach, while others take a more subversive or abstract approach.
The Story Behind “You Will Prevail”

We asked K-Drama and Emcee Monte about their song “You Will Prevail” and the messaging behind it. K-Drama explained that the song is about writing from a place of authenticity and sharing their personal stories of overcoming challenges and barriers. The overall message is one of encouragement and affirmation that listeners can also prevail in their own struggles. Emcee Monte shared his perspective on the song, emphasizing the importance of vulnerability and not just portraying a highlight reel of success. He talked about his own ups and downs in the music industry and how he had to persist and trust in God’s plan to ultimately prevail.
The Importance of Self-Acceptance

As we wrapped up the episode, I took the opportunity to discuss the destructive power of lies and the importance of self-acceptance. I encouraged listeners to be honest with themselves and not buy into the lies of feeling helpless, worthless, or unlovable. I reminded them that they are created in God’s image and should not let past experiences define their worth.
Stay Tuned for More

Remember to tune in to the next episode of “Church on the Block” on Holy Culture Radio. And don’t forget to follow K-Drama and Monte on their social media accounts and websites for updates on their music and performances. Until next time, keep the faith and keep the music alive!

K-Drama in the classroom where he teachesEmcee MonteTIMECODES REFERENCES:

The Philosophy of Hip Hop [00:04:13] Emcee Monte discusses the five elements of hip hop culture and emphasizes the importance of being a teacher and passing down the culture to the next generation.
K-Drama’s Music Journey [00:08:23] K-Drama talks about his 24-year music career, starting from learning audio engineering and producing to signing with Cross Movement and charting on Billboard.
Evolution of Mindset in Music [00:11:16] Pastor Phil discuss the shifting mindset and theological growth of both Monte and K-Drama throughout their music careers.
The importance of growth and improvement in hip hop culture [00:11:21] Discussion on the embedded philosophy of continuous growth and honing skills in hip hop culture.
The evolution of hip hop and its impact on culture [00:13:33] Exploration of the origins of hip hop and how it has shaped and been shaped by the experiences of artists.
Maintaining authenticity in the music industry [00:15:21] Conversation about the struggle for artists to stay true to their own voice and not conform to industry expectations.
The healing force of hip hop [00:22:34] Discussion about the holistic understanding of hip hop culture and its potential for healing.
Faith in God as part of hip hop culture [00:23:28] Exploration of the historical inclusion of faith in hip hop and the shift in the industry’s focus.
Compartmentalization of spirituality in music [00:29:26] Reflection on the tendency to separate spirituality from other aspects of life, particularly in music, and the need for integration.
The importance of authenticity in music [00:33:37] Discussion on the secret sauce of writing from a real place and how it creates a loyal fan base.
The messaging behind the song “You Will Prevail” [00:34:18] They talk about the inspiration behind the song and how it is meant to encourage and affirm listeners that they can overcome challenges.
Taking action and doing the work [00:39:36] The importance of taking action, putting in the work, and having faith in order to achieve success and prevail in life.
Emcee Monte’s Performance and EP Release Party [00:44:21] Emcee Monte announces his upcoming performance and EP release party with Pastor Phil at Lot 28 at the firehouse.
Where to Find K-Drama [00:45:10] K-Drama shares his social media handles and website where people can find him.
The Dangers of Lies and Self-Deception [00:45:54] Pastor Phil discusses the negative effects of lies and self-deception on one’s well-being and encourages listeners not to buy into them.

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