Hello everyone! We are thrilled to share with you the highlights of our recent episode of Da Fixx. We had an exciting discussion about the upcoming second annual Stellar Awards celebrity basketball game in Vegas and some intriguing interviews with Trinity Five Seven member Angel Taylor. We were also joined by our special guest, Damon Stewart, who shared his journey in the music industry and his insights on promotions.
Prepping for the Celebrity Basketball Game

As we gear up for the celebrity basketball game organized by Lamont Saunders Bear Tag Entertainment and the Steelers, my co-host Dice Gamble and I couldn’t contain our excitement. We’ve been preparing for the game, stretching, staying hydrated, and even packing protein bars. It’s also my anniversary weekend, and I want to take a moment to thank my wife for understanding the importance of this event.
A Sneak Peek into the Weekend

We have a lot lined up for the weekend, including an interview with Angel Taylor and various events happening in Vegas. We’re also thrilled to introduce our guest, Damon Stewart, a singer-songwriter, A&R specialist, and promoter with a rich background in Chicago and LA. Damon shared his love for the Chicago Bulls and his connection to the music industry, including his work with Interscope Records and Kanye West.
Damon Stewart: A Journey Through Music

Damon Stewart took us through his journey in the music industry, sharing his experiences working on records for urban radio, including signing Dr. Charles G Hayes and the Warriors. He mentioned working with Percy Beatty on the production aspect and how Elroy Smith supported their hit record “Jesus Could Work It Out,” which became number one in the gospel format and number eight in the Urban Adult Contemporary format. This success opened doors for Jazzy Jordan from Verity Records. Damon also mentioned working on Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile” and Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would Have Made It.”
The Power of Music in the Classroom

Damon shared a pivotal moment when he was working as a secondary special ed teacher in a behavior disorder school. He noticed that when he played his own hip hop-infused track in the classroom, it had a calming effect on the students who had various behavioral disorders. This experience made him realize that he wanted to help artists and be a vehicle for their success.
The Future of Music Business

Damon also discussed the future of the music business and how he is focused on helping artists make money through various platforms like DSPs and social media. He emphasized the importance of building relationships and attending events like the Stellar Awards to connect with industry professionals.
Damon StewartAngel Taylor: A Voice that Touches Lives

We were also joined by Angel Taylor, a Grammy-nominated artist and member of the platinum supergroup Trinity Five Seven. Angel shared her journey as a singer and the evolution of her purpose in music. She expressed how her music has touched people’s lives and her gratitude for the messages she receives.
Wrapping Up with Excitement

As we wrapped up our conversation with Angel Taylor, we couldn’t help but express our anticipation for the upcoming celebrity basketball game and the weekend ahead. We’re looking forward to the performances at the pre-show awards and the opportunity to meet and network with artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and entertainers. We’re especially excited to see Angel Taylor perform at the pre-show and to attend the unplugged event with Red Hands.
Angel Tayler performing

The upcoming celebrity basketball game in Vegas [00:01:38] The hosts discuss the second annual celebrity basketball game organized by Lamont Saunders Bear Tag Entertainment and the Steelers.
Excitement for the game and preparations [00:02:19] The hosts express their excitement for the game, talk about drinking water and eating protein bars, and discuss their preparations for the game.
Interview with Damon Stewart [00:07:04] Damon Stewart, a singer-songwriter, A&R specialist, and promoter, talks about his background in Chicago and LA, his love for the Bulls, and how he got into promotions.
The moment of breakthrough [00:09:28] Speaker 3 discusses his involvement in promoting gospel records and the success of certain songs, including “Jesus Could Work It Out” and “I Smile.”
Working with John Legend [00:11:36] Speaker 1 asks Speaker 3 about his experience working on a record with Kanye West and John Legend, specifically mentioning the song “White Boy.”
The power of relationships in breaking records [00:14:41] Speaker 3 emphasizes the importance of relationships and networking in the music industry, highlighting the role of radio DJs in breaking records.
Damon Stewart’s journey in music [00:18:51] Damon Stewart discusses his background, starting from his time as a teacher to his involvement with various artists and labels.
Damon Stewart’s shift to gospel music [00:21:19] Damon Stewart explains how he transitioned from working with secular artists to focusing on gospel artists, attributing it to God’s guidance.
Importance of the celebrity basketball game [00:24:38] Damon Stewart discusses the significance of infusing faith and sports together, and the fun and camaraderie of competing with fellow industry professionals.
The evolution of purpose [00:33:07] Damon Stewart discusses the importance of connecting with people’s hearts and the impact of his music on listeners.
The journey of a recording artist [00:34:13] Angel Taylor shares her lifelong dream of becoming a recording artist and the unexpected turn towards gospel music.
Breaking boundaries with Trinity Five Seven [00:36:25] Angel Taylor reflects on the challenges faced by the group in creating urban and R&B gospel music and the support they received from fans.
The pre-show at the Stella’s [00:43:26] Angel Taylor discusses her excitement about performing at the pre-show at the Stella Awards and how it feels like a family reunion.
Overcoming challenges as a solo artist [00:44:45] Angel Taylor talks about the mindset shift she had to make when transitioning from being in a group to being a solo artist, and how she had to overcome her fears of performing alone.
Upcoming album and movie project [00:47:35] Angel Taylor shares her excitement about her upcoming album, set to be released in October, and her song “Love of My Life” being featured in the movie “The Comeback” starring Taye Diggs.
Meeting Angel Taylor [00:49:38] Discussion about meeting Angel Taylor after the game and expressing excitement to see her perform.
Attending the Unplugged Event [00:50:28] Excitement about attending the Unplugged event and looking forward to hanging out with Red Hands.
Stellar Award Winning Prescription [00:52:56] Announcement of a special episode on Friday featuring a ministry-driven, gospel, hip hop, and rap prescription, different from the usual format.

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