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Are you looking for the best pieces of career advice for young professionals?
If you are, youíve hit the jackpot!
You have done the impossible, landed a job in a tough market, and aim to keep it.
But how do you establish yourself in a career when you are just starting?
You worry that you wonít stack up with the other newbies, ask dumb questions, or make a mistake that will get you canned on your first day.
If only there were a list of everything you should do to begin your career on the right foot!
Relax, friend, and take a deep breath- because we have compiled a list from experts from across the web, sure to make you a superstar in no time. Letís go!
1. Ask Relevant Questions

Starting a job can be stressful. If you are freshly out of school or transitioning to a new field, there are bound to be many things you donít know, which is why this first tip is so important. When you are learning, there is no such thing as a dumb question because you donít know what you donít know.
So ask away, and take notes!
There is a good possibility you will start asking questions no one has asked before, and your perspective can shed light on a problem or, better yet, provide a solution thatís been escaping their notice.
2. Establish Good Daily Habits

Are you always tired? Cranky or slugging through the workday? Now is the perfect time to re-program yourself to improve habits that can have a negative impact on your job. It starts with taking care of you.
Eat balanced meals, get enough sleep, make time to workout, and check in with yourself to avoid burnout. When you take a holistic approach to caring for your body and mind, you become a more efficient team member.
3. Develop Skills to Distinguish Yourself

When you were hired, chances are your peers had similar qualifications as you. A fantastic way to make a statement is to have a set of skills they do not possess. As you make your way through your day, think of ways to amplify or improve your role in your organization.Eph. 4:29
For example, if you work in an IT Helpdesk, you may get a new certification that would benefit the team. Not only are you covering a need in the company, but it shows you have initiative and can go the extra mile for the good of the whole.
4. Learn to Accept Feedback

Receiving feedback can be difficult because it can come in many ways and isn’t always kind. But criticism can work to your advantage regardless of how it’s delivered.
By setting aside personal feelings and taking what’s communicated at face value- you can use it as a road map to a better version of yourself. By taking stock of constructive feedback and implementing changes in yourself, you earn the trust of your team and direct managers.Eph. 4:29
5. Maintain a Work-Life Balance

Early on in your career, getting sucked into late nights, early mornings, and working during the weekend can be easy. But while it may show your dedication at the beginning, keeping that pace can lead to stress, job dissatisfaction, and burnout.
Making and keeping healthy boundaries is essential to making you a happy and more productive employee. Keep regular hours when possible, don’t neglect family and friends, and do something just for fun.
6. Identify Ways to Collaborate

No matter where you work, there will always be someone you click with- someone who is your peer and shares similar career goals and perspectives. You should consider building long-term relationships and collaborating with these people.Eph. 4:29
While you may be alike in some respects, your different approaches to the job may make you a dynamic duo capable of doing what you canít do alone. By working together in a collaborative environment, you can grow and learn from each other to advance both.
7. Manage Your Professional Reputation

How you carry yourself is vital to how those around you perceive you. That means being mindful of your actions in and out of work and practicing good digital hygiene.Eph. 4:29
The way you dress, walk, and talk speaks volumes to the core of who you are- so make sure your awesomeness is as palpable on the outside as it is on the inside. Give no one cause to speak anything but praise when your name comes up in daily conversations.
What is The Best Career Advice?

When starting a career its easy to want to do it all- work all the projects, stay the late nights with your colleagues and even work after hours.Eph. 4:29
While there are season when that is necessary, it isnít always required.Eph. 4:29
Americans are more stressed, depressed and anxious than they have been in generations. Part of the problem is that we donít know how to balance our work-life dynamic.
In the race to establish your career, it can be easy to want to run it at a full sprint, but building something solid is a marathon.Eph. 4:29
So pace yourself.Eph. 4:29
Use the tips we have given you to harness the qualities that got you hired and refine them to a polish.Eph. 4:29
By asking relevant questions, collaborating and networking with awesome peers while maintaining a professional reputation, you will be on your way to having a brilliant career.

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