Hi, I’m your host DJ Focus, and I’m thrilled to share with you some of the insights and lessons from another episode of Da Fixx. My co-host, Dice Gamble, and I had the pleasure of hosting Scootie Wop, a talented producer and artist who recently signed a deal with Sony and RCA Inspiration.
The Power of Mentoring and Discipleship

We kicked off the episode by expressing our gratitude for another day and discussing our excitement for an upcoming event with Dr. Jamal Bryant. We touched on the importance of mentoring and discipleship, emphasizing that one doesn’t have to have their life together to be a mentor. We encouraged our listeners to connect with like-minded individuals and share their wisdom.
The Journey of Scootie Wop: From Touring to Signing a Major Label Deal with Sony

Our guest, Scootie Wop, shared his experience of being on tour and getting married. He explained that his deal is a single deal with eight records, and he is still in the Christian music space. He discussed the advantages of signing with a major label, such as having more financial support and resources. He also stressed the importance of having a plan and being punctual when working with a label.
The Pros and Cons of Being Independent vs. Being on a Label

Dice and I discussed the differences between being independent and being on a label, highlighting the freedom and flexibility of being independent, but also the benefits of having a label’s backing and industry connections. Scootie Wop shared that he took a lower advance to have more control over his music and to pay back the label’s investment quickly. He also mentioned the importance of packaging and presenting his music professionally for radio and other opportunities.
Building a Brand: Star Baby Worldwide

When asked about his brand, Scootie Wop explained that he has already started his LLC called Star Baby Worldwide, which is based on Psalm 147. The brand aims to embody the idea that everyone is uniquely made and incorporates streetwear with Christian apparel. Scootie Wop believes that the secular industry does not respect Christian apparel enough and wants to change the perception of what it looks like.
The Power of Collaboration and Hard Work

Scootie Wop mentioned that he does most of the designs himself. He also works with other designers like Keion Patterson, who prints the shirts, Cristine, a graphic designer, and Elias Vargas, who has his own brand called Two Color Perception Control. Scootie Wop also mentioned his photographer, Eli Littles, who helps with modeling and connections.
Celebrating Wins and Looking Forward

Scootie Wop shared that he has learned not to count himself out and to celebrate the wins he has already achieved. He mentioned his accomplishments in the Christian music space, such as producing and writing for KB and working with artists like Lecrae. Scootie Wop also talked about his upcoming marriage and how his future wife is also a Christian R&B artist. They are working on music together and have a love project in the works.
The Importance of Standing Firm in Your Beliefs

Dice and I discussed the ongoing battle for one’s soul and the importance of staying prepared. We touched on the topic of belief systems and how some people mix and blend their principles, while others stand firm in their beliefs. We shared personal examples of how we stand firm in our beliefs, such as not allowing unmarried couples to stay in our home. We emphasized the importance of respecting and upholding one’s beliefs, even if it means not being liked or accepted by the world.
The Stellar Awards Week and Celebrity Basketball Game

We also discussed the 2023 Stellar Awards week and the second annual Bear Tag Entertainment and Stellar celebrity basketball game. We expressed excitement about participating in the game and joked about our skills on the court. We both expressed confidence in our abilities and anticipate a successful game.
Wrapping Up

We ended the episode by encouraging listeners to continue developing their prayer life and relationship with God. We acknowledged that we are also working on improving ourselves and want to be authentic in our actions. We expressed gratitude to our listeners and signed off, reminding everyone to stay focused on turning negatives into positives and advancing the kingdom.

Scootie Wop with his wife, R & B Singer Avery DoreenTIMECODE REFERENCES:

DJ Focus talks about the upcoming event with Dr. Jamal Bryant [00:00:43] DJ Focus expresses excitement about an upcoming event with Dr. Jamal Bryant and mentions it’s personal.
DJ Focus discusses the importance of mentoring and discipleship [00:01:16] DJ Focus talks about the importance of mentoring and discipleship and encourages listeners to connect with others and share their wisdom.
The start of the podcast episode [00:09:58] Introductions and discussion about DJ Focus and his apparel company HCA.
Creating Star Baby Worldwide [00:10:10] Scootie Wop discusses the start of his own brand called Star Baby Worldwide, incorporating streetwear and Christian apparel.
The value of Christian apparel [00:11:06] Scootie Wop talks about the importance of changing the perception of Christian apparel and the designs and products he offers.
Scootie Wop’s Confidence and Uncertainty [00:20:23] Discussion about Scootie Wop’s confidence and uncertainty regarding his place on the tour and his performance tracks.
The Future of Vert Mob [00:22:39] Conversation about the possibility of another mixtape or EP from Vert Mob and the challenges of working together in different states.
Simplifying the Music Industry [00:24:16] Exploration of the desire to make the music industry more accessible and simplified for artists and listeners, and the importance of embracing personal testimonies in Christian music.
The battle for your soul [00:31:30] Discussion on the daily battle for one’s soul and the importance of staying prepared.
Mixing beliefs and principles [00:32:27] Exploration of the topic of blending different belief systems and principles.
The limits of religious freedom [00:36:07] Conversation about the Supreme Court ruling on a Christian web designer’s refusal to create websites for same-sex weddings, and the discussion of belief systems and standing firm on one’s beliefs.
The importance of standing firm in one’s belief [00:41:31] Discussion on the expectation of believers to stand up for their beliefs and the benefits of being in a Christian nation.
The need for believers to be accountable and take action [00:43:09] Emphasis on the importance of accountability and taking action to strengthen one’s faith and belief system.
The significance of sharing the gospel and being available to the lost [00:48:19] Highlighting the responsibility of believers to share their faith, reach out to the lost, and not be afraid of rejection.
The importance of standing firm in your beliefs [00:51:39] Discussion about the need to be comfortable in your beliefs and not hide them, even in the face of opposition.
The challenge of staying true to your faith in corporate environments [00:52:42] Exploration of the difficulty of maintaining faith and not compromising in corporate jobs.
The need to represent your belief system [00:56:55] Emphasis on the importance of showing up and being a representative of your belief system in order to help and comfort others.
The celebrity game [01:00:45] Discussion about the 2023 Stellar Awards celebrity basketball game, inviting people to attend and cheer, and mentioning a performance by Red Hands.
The Unplug event [01:01:27] Promoting the Unplug event in Vegas after the celebrity game, featuring various artists and performances.
Scootie’s growth and upcoming wedding [01:02:33] Praising Scootie’s humility and work ethic, mentioning his upcoming wedding and signing a deal, expressing pride and anticipation for his future.

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