On this episode of Da Fixx, Jayshawn Champion of the Legendary R&B group Men At Large, is sharing the lessons he’s learned in his 25+ years in the music industry. Our real talk topic was how to handle disagreements among believers, a subject that is often overlooked but crucial in maintaining harmony within our communities.
Special Guest: Jayshawn Champion

We were thrilled to introduce our special guest, Jason Champion, a renowned singer, songwriter, and producer. Jason’s success in the music industry is noteworthy, having written hits for artists like Ginuwine, Joe, Faith Evans, and Toni Braxton. Interestingly, Jason is also the brother of Cleveland legend Jayshawn Champion from the group Men at Large.
Our conversation with Jayshawn was enlightening, as he shared his faith journey and experiences in the music industry. Jason’s faith has played a significant role in his career, enabling him to navigate the industry without being limited to only faith-based music.
Jayshawn Champion: A Journey of Faith and Music

Jayshawn 25+ years of experience in the music industry is a testament to his talent and perseverance. He shared how he developed a real relationship with Jesus in his 20s and how his family supported his career in music. They encouraged him to be different from others in the industry while still staying true to his faith.
The Impact of Men at Large

Our conversation took a nostalgic turn as we discussed the impact of the group Men at Large and their missed opportunities in the music industry. Despite their fame and popularity during their peak, they didn’t capitalize on it as much as they should have. Jayshawn shared a personal anecdote about his brother picking him up from school in a 94 black blazer, which made him popular among his peers. He also talked about his experience working with the legendary Gerald Levert and praised him as an incredible artist and performer.
The Rise of Faith-Based Hip Hop

We also touched on the significance of the 50-year anniversary of hip hop and its influence on our lives. Jason expressed his love for hip hop and named artists like Eminem, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas as some of his favorites. We discussed the rise of faith-based hip hop and mentioned artists like Lecrae and Doobie Paul. Jason revealed that he has worked with faith-based artists and encouraged aspiring songwriters to study successful songs and understand the science behind them.
Navigating the Music Industry

The conversation shifted to the music industry and the struggles that artists and producers face. Jason emphasized the importance of knowing the business and not just signing any contract without understanding it. He advised artists to consult with an entertainment lawyer who can guide them through the industry’s specific language and help them make informed decisions.
Handling Disagreements Among Believers

We then delved into the topic of handling disagreements among believers. We emphasized the importance of handling disagreements in the right way, specifically the “kingdom way” rather than the “hood way.” Dice Gambling talked about the importance of direct communication and resolving conflicts one-on-one, without resorting to internet blasting or text arguments. DJ Focus shared his experience with heated conversations and how he has learned to keep himself calm and choose not to engage in confrontations that could escalate to physical violence.

Overall, our conversation with Jayshawn Champion was insightful and enlightening. In the end, our discussion emphasized the importance of handling disagreements with respect, open communication, and a willingness to forgive and reconcile. We believe that having a mindset of unity and like-mindedness can help in resolving conflicts and maintaining harmony among believers.
To connect with Jayshawn, visit his Link Tree. Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture artist resources page for more information on submitting music to radio and tips on navigating the music business.

Dietrick Haddon, Jayshawn Champion and David Michael WyattTIMECODE REFERENCES:

Handling Disagreements Among Believers [00:01:08] Discussion on how to approach disagreements with others, particularly within the faith, and the importance of effective communication and showing love.
Introduction of Jayshawn Champion and His Music Career [00:05:36] Jayshawn Champion’s 25+ year career as a singer, songwriter, and producer, including writing hits for various artists such as Ginuwine, Joe, Faith Evans, and Toni Braxton.
Jayshawn Champion’s Faith Journey [00:07:16] Jayshawn Champion’s personal faith journey, from growing up in church to developing a real relationship with God in his 20s, and the impact it has had on his life and music career.
Men at Large’s Fame [00:09:40] Discussion about the fame and impact of the group Men at Large.
Gerald Levert and his Influence [00:11:20] Conversation about the legendary artist Gerald Levert and his impact on the speaker’s career.
Hip Hop’s Influence [00:13:16] Jayshawn ‘s personal connection to hip hop, including favorite artists and the genre’s importance in his life.
The struggles of working with artists [00:19:34] Discussion about the challenges faced by producers when working with artists, including the need for leadership and constructive criticism.
Dealing with artists’ insecurities [00:19:58] Exploration of the struggles that arise when artists have insecurities about their abilities and how producers can help bring out their best.
The importance of knowing your business in the music industry [00:18:53] Advice on the significance of understanding the business side of the music industry and the importance of seeking legal advice before signing contracts.
Handling Disagreements Amongst Believers [00:29:00] Discussion on how to handle disagreements among believers, with examples from personal experiences.
Confrontation and Communication [00:30:38] Exploration of different approaches to confrontation and communication within the context of faith and family dynamics.
Heated Conversations and Keeping Calm [00:34:15] Personal anecdotes about staying calm during heated conversations and diffusing potential conflicts.
Understanding Body Language in Disagreements [00:36:57] The speaker discusses the importance of reading body language in handling disagreements among believers.
Lack of Accountability in Debt [00:38:56] The speaker talks about how a lack of accountability leads to people being in debt and not paying their bills.
Handling Confrontation and Seeking Resolution [00:39:56] The speaker emphasizes the need for confronting someone who has wronged you and seeking resolution, even if it’s uncomfortable.
The topic of confrontation [00:45:27] Discussion on handling confrontation and personal attacks, and understanding the reasons behind disagreements.
How to handle disagreements amongst believers [00:46:18] Exploring different approaches to handling conflicts between believers, with a focus on conflict resolution and seeking guidance from God.
The importance of self-care on the internet [00:49:31] Highlighting National Internet Self-Care Day and promoting positive mental health through online activities, emphasizing the need for meaningful connections and uplifting content.

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