On this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing the talented singer-songwriter, Gene Moore of Motown Gospel. We delved into various topics, including faith, music, and the 2023 Dove Awards nominations.
The Dove Awards: A Celebration of Diversity and Collaboration

We kicked off our discussion by talking about the upcoming Dove Awards nominations. We were thrilled to see a diverse range of artists and genres represented in the nominations. Artists like Lecrae, Limoblaze, Misfits, Stephen Malcolm, and Scootie Wop have all been nominated in different categories.
We also highlighted the importance of artists stepping out of their comfort zones and collaborating with others to create new music. We commended artists like Blanca and Doug for their Spanish language recorded song nomination. It’s inspiring to see artists not being afraid to stretch themselves and explore new territories.
An Exclusive Interview with Motown’s Gene Moore

After our discussion on the Dove Awards, we introduced our guest, Gene Moore. Known for his soulful R&B style, Gene shared his faith journey and personal relationship with Christ. He talked about his upbringing in a religious family, his college experience, and his journey in the music industry.
Gene shared that he grew up as a church kid, with his parents involved in ministry. In college, he joined a fraternity and had some fun, but he didn’t go into detail about it. He explained that he wanted to prove he wasn’t just following in his father’s footsteps, so he went through a phase of partying and acting crazy. However, around the age of 23, he started to settle down and focus on his life goals.
Gene Moore: A Journey of Faith and Music

Gene graduated with a degree in radio and television and started working for a radio station. Despite his degree, he received more opportunities in music and eventually signed with Motown Gospel. He also talked about his experiences singing with legends like Kirk Franklin, Kim Burrell, and Israel Houghton, and how they influenced him professionally.
Gene also shared his musical inspirations, including Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye. He mentioned that he emulated Dino from H-Town at one point.
The Story Behind “I Believe”

One of the most touching moments of our interview was when Gene shared the personal story behind his song “I Believe.” He revealed that it was the last song his mother heard before she passed away from complications of Parkinson’s disease. This experience has made “I Believe” a special song for Gene, and he wants people to feel hope when they listen to it.
The Importance of Faith-Centered Music

We commended Gene for his transparency and the message of hope in his music. We discussed the importance of faith-centered music and bridging the gap between different genres. Gene also talked about his relationship with India Arie, whom he has been working with for the past six to seven years. Despite their different belief systems, they have a mutual respect and understanding.
The State of Gospel Music

The conversation then shifted to the state of gospel music. Gene expressed his desire for more diversity in the genre, citing the late 90s and early 2000s as a time when different genres within gospel music were well represented.
The Importance of Time Management and Self-Improvement

As we approached the end of the year, we emphasized the need for self-improvement and reflection. We highlighted the impact of the company we keep on our actions and purpose. We also mentioned the importance of rest and finding a balance in our lives, just as Jesus did.
Learning and Growing Through Networking

We discussed the importance of learning and growing by surrounding oneself with successful people. We referenced a biblical story in Mark 2:15 where Jesus dines with tax collectors and tells them to stop sinning. We emphasized the need to network, acquire skills, and learn from others in order to continue growing.
The Power of Seeking God

We discussed the importance of seeking God and spending time with Him. We quoted scripture, specifically Matthew 6:33, which encourages seeking the kingdom of God first and promises that everything else will be added unto you.
Music Commentary: Gene Moore’s “The Introspection”

We praised Gene Moore’s latest project, “The Introspection,” describing it as smooth and reminiscent of the old Motown sound. We appreciate the variety and different sounds that artists like Gene Moore and Shante Moore bring to gospel music, as it shows the evolution of the genre.
Social Commentary: Tory Lanez’s Sentencing

We also discussed the recent sentencing of rapper Tory Lanez to ten years in prison for assaulting Megan Thee Stallion. We expressed our disappointment in Lanez’s actions and emphasized the importance of being responsible with weapons. We commended Megan Thee Stallion for standing up for herself and seeking justice.
The Issue of Toxic Relationships

We touched on the issue of toxic relationships, urging listeners to recognize when they are in such relationships and to prioritize their own well-being. We speculated that Lanez’s behavior may not be isolated and encouraged him to use his time in prison to reflect and change.
To connect with Gene Moore and stream his music, visit his website, officialgenemoore.com. Are you an artist? Or do you know someone who is? Visit the Holy Culture artist resources page for more information on how to submit music and tips on navigating the music business.


The Fix Introduction [00:00:00]
Introduction to the radio show Da Fixx on Sirius XM Channel 154 Holy Culture Radio.
The Importance of Being a Vessel [00:00:39]
Discussion about being a vessel that needs to be used in the faith and how it helps in walking in one’s purpose.
Dove Awards Nominations [00:04:04]
Announcement and discussion of various artists and categories in the Dove Awards nominations.
Growing up in a church [00:09:40]
Gene Moore shares his upbringing as a church kid and his parents’ involvement in ministry.
College years and finding his path [00:10:06]
Gene Moore talks about his college experience, partying, and eventually finding his focus and passion for music.
Working with gospel legends [00:12:23]
Gene Moore discusses his experiences working with Kim Burrell, Israel Houghton, and Kirk Franklin, and the valuable lessons he learned from them.
The last song my mom heard [00:17:29]
Gene Moore shares the story of his song “I Believe” and how it became his mom’s favorite before she passed away.
Bridging the gap with India.Arie [00:19:34]
Gene Moore discusses his relationship with India.Arie and how they are able to have spiritual conversations despite their different belief systems.
The state of gospel music [00:21:01]
Gene Moore expresses his desire for more diversity in the gospel music community and discusses how certain genres have dominated, leading to a loss of representation.
The importance of time well spent [00:26:01]
Discussion on the need for Christians to prioritize their time and not rush God’s timing.
Self-improvement and evaluating success [00:27:45]
Discussion about the importance of self-improvement, evaluating successes and areas for improvement.
The reflection of who you spend time with [00:31:37]
The significance of the people you spend time with and how it reflects on your life and purpose.
The importance of learning from successful people [00:34:55]
Discussion about the importance of networking, acquiring skills, and knowledge from successful people in various fields.
The impact of pride on personal growth [00:35:51]
Exploration of how pride can hinder personal growth and the importance of being open to learning from others.
The consequences of mismanaging business partnerships [00:41:34]
Discussion about a specific case of a failed business partnership between family members due to mismanagement and the importance of trust and accountability in business relationships.
Seeking the Kingdom of God [00:44:14]
Discussion about the importance of seeking God’s guidance in all aspects of life and the promise of His presence.
Importance of Networking and Building Relationships [00:48:09]
Emphasis on the value of surrounding oneself with successful individuals and actively seeking opportunities for growth and learning.
Guarding Your Gates [00:52:21]
The significance of being mindful of the influences and intake in one’s life, including conversations, ideas, and media consumption.
Gene Moore’s latest project [00:53:20]
Discussion about Gene Moore’s latest project, “The Introspection,” and his unique sound in gospel music.
Tory Lanez sentenced to ten years [00:55:20]
Discussion about rapper Tory Lanez being sentenced to prison for assaulting Megan Thee Stallion and the details of the incident.
Toxic relationships and the importance of speaking up [00:57:00]
Discussion about toxic relationships, the importance of speaking up, and the impact of the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion situation.

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