On this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of hosting Nobigdyl, the founder of indie tribe, and our conversation was as enlightening as it was entertaining.
Surviving the Vegas Heat

Our episode kicked off with a light-hearted discussion about the extreme heat in Las Vegas, where this year’s Stellar Awards took place. We were astounded by the temperatures reaching a scorching 120 degrees. We found it amusing to see people wearing hoodies and crew necks in such hot weather, a fashion choice that left us both baffled. Our survival strategy? Staying in air-conditioned places and only stepping outside when our Uber driver arrived. We also noted the lack of real grass in Vegas, with astroturf and brown rocks being the norm.
Appreciating the Stellar Awards

We expressed our gratitude for attending the Stellar Awards and gave a shoutout to Don Jackson and the entire Stellar team. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event.
Introducing Nobigdyl

Nobigdyl shared his boldness in his music and the inspiration behind it. He emphasized the importance of transparency and honesty in his lyrics, sharing his testimony, sinful moments, and redemption. He believes that even the smallest sin is a tragedy because it goes against God’s holiness and perfection. His boldness stems from his desire to connect with people who are going through similar struggles and to provide the transparency that he wished he had when he was younger.
Defending Christian Hip Hop

We then delved into the criticism that Christian hip hop is dead. Nobigdyl defended the genre, stating that there is still great music being made by artists like Trip Lee and Derek Minor. He believes that people just want to talk on the internet and don’t realize that these artists are still young and making music at a high level. We agreed and pointed out that other genres like R&B, gospel, rock, and country don’t have an age cap, and artists can continue to make successful music regardless of their age.
Nobigdyl’s Creative Process

Nobigdyl shared his creative process and how he stays humble as an artist. He doesn’t have a notebook full of ideas but lets the music inspire him in the moment. He emphasizes the importance of living life, having deep conversations, building personal relationships, and nurturing personal faith to have something meaningful to talk about in his music.
Real Talk Conversation

We then introduced a “real talk conversation” segment where we discussed egos and arrogance, particularly among people of faith. We shared our own experiences of feeling ourselves too much and having to balance our confidence with humility.
Nobigdyl’s Career Aspirations

We asked Nobigdyl about his career aspirations. He explained that he feels content with where he is currently and wants to continue building on what he has already achieved. He mentioned the milestones he has reached, such as touring with other artists and winning awards, which were unexpected but opened up new opportunities for him.
The Smoke 23 Festival

We then asked Nobigdyl to talk about the Smoke 23 Festival, which he is most excited about. He clarified that despite the name, the festival is not related to weed and is still holy. He explained that the festival is a blessing and is built on relationships rather than corporate backing.
Supporting Christian Artists and Events

We discussed the importance of supporting Christian artists and events. We emphasized the need to show value in these events by paying for tickets and supporting the artists financially. We also talked about the accountability circle and the importance of having people around you who can keep you humble and hold you accountable.
In conclusion, we expressed our excitement about the episode and encouraged listeners to continue showing the love of Christ and striving for kingdom advancement. We ended the segment by promoting our upcoming episode where we will discuss new music releases and analyze the content and lyrics.
To stream Nobigdyl and Indie Tribes new album Low Blow, click here. If you are an artist or if you know an artist, visit Holy Culture’s Artist Resource page for tips and insights on submitting music.

KB and Nobigdyl on the set of King JesusTIMECODE REFERENCES:

Las Vegas Heat [00:00:21] Discussion about the extreme heat in Las Vegas and how the hosts struggled to cope with it.
Wearing Hoodies in Vegas [00:01:02] Conversation about people wearing hoodies and long pants in the extreme heat of Las Vegas.
Nobigdyl’s Stage Name [00:06:09] Explanation of how Nobigdyl came up with his stage name to convey humility and reflect a bigger story.
The boldness to be transparent [00:12:06] Nobigdyl discusses the boldness in his music to be transparent and share his struggles, pointing people back to God.
Influence of family and early inspirations [00:14:39] Nobigdyl talks about his supportive family and how his uncle, a Grammy-winning drummer, introduced him to Christian hip hop and inspired him. He also mentions attending concerts of artists like Lecrae and Kirk Franklin.
The state of hip hop and Christian hip hop [00:17:53] Nobigdyl shares his thoughts on the current state of hip hop, saying that there is a wide variety of styles and creativity. He also discusses the state of Christian hip hop, highlighting the diversity and variety of artists and styles within the genre.
The weirdness of age in Christian hip hop [00:20:47] Discussion about the age gap perception in Christian hip hop and how other genres don’t have the same age cap.
Timeless music and the importance of hit records [00:24:13] Emphasis on the need for making hit records and timeless music to avoid unnecessary conversations and opinions.
The creative process behind “Go with the Ghost” [00:26:53] Exploration of the unique and creative process behind the song “Go with the Ghost” and the musicality in rap and hip hop.
The importance of living life and deep conversations [00:28:49] Nobigdyl discusses the importance of living life, having deep conversations, and building personal relationships to have something to talk about in his music.
Inviting God into the creative process [00:29:51] Nobigdyl talks about inviting God into his music-making sessions and allowing Him to guide and shape his lyrics.
Maintaining humility and giving glory to God [00:32:04] Nobigdyl shares his perspective on humility, acknowledging and embracing the gifts given by God, and giving glory back to Him.
No Big Deal’s Contentment [00:40:27] Nobigdyl discusses feeling content with his current career and the unexpected milestones he has achieved.
Smoke 23 Festival [00:41:44] Nobigdyl talks about the upcoming Smoke 23 Festival, its lineup, and its focus on community and independent artists.
Paying Artists in the Christian Music Industry [00:45:46] Nobigdyl explains the importance of paying artists in the Christian music industry and the devaluation of Christian art.
Nobigdyl’s Latest Single [00:50:47] No Big Deal talks about his latest single called “Sliding” and expresses his excitement for listeners to hear it.
Supporting Indie Tribe [00:52:24] Nobigdyl urges listeners to support indie tribe and their upcoming event, Holy Smoke, by purchasing tickets and spreading the word.
The Importance of Supporting Christian Artists [00:53:20] DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the need to show value and support for Christian artists, DJs, and producers, and the impact it has on events and sponsorships.

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