On this episode of Da Fixx, we had the pleasure of interviewing the power couple of the entertainment industry, David and Tamela Mann. This year they celebrated 35 years of marriage and they’re letting us in on the secretes to a successful partnership!
A Blessed Day on the Radio

Every day we get to do what we love on the radio is a blessed day. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts on faith, marriage, mental health, and more. We believe that nothing can separate us from God’s love, a love that sustains and builds us. This understanding has been instrumental in maintaining our mental health and peace.
Dice shared a powerful insight she gained from a pastor’s sermon about how failure brings us closer to God. This wisdom has helped her overcome personal shortcomings. We were excited to have David and Tamela Mann on our show, and we encouraged our listeners to tune in for the enlightening conversation.
The Journey of David and Tamela Mann

David and Tamela Mann are not just known for their acting, singing, and entrepreneurship, but also for their enduring 35-year marriage. They shared with us how they navigate challenges, emphasizing the importance of friendship, love, and faith in Jesus. They acknowledged their moments of frustration but choose to work through their differences rather than considering divorce. Their love for each other and their friendship have been the foundation of their relationship.
Communication, they said, is key. They’ve had to learn how to effectively communicate with each other, handle disagreements, and still manage to fulfill their professional obligations. They sometimes use humor to diffuse tension and make each other laugh. They never intended to be famous; they just wanted to take care of their family. They’re grateful for the opportunities they’ve been given and desire to use their platform to bless and encourage others.
Making a Difference Through Entertainment

David and Tamela Mann have a mission to uplift and encourage people through their work in movies, plays, television, and concerts. They want to bring positivity and joy into people’s lives. They emphasize the importance of fighting for relationships and marriages, and they want to inspire others to do the same.
They shared their music journey, starting with Kirk Franklin and the Family and eventually branching out into their own solo projects. Tamela shared her initial fear of performing solo and acting, but she is grateful for the opportunities and growth she has experienced. They talked about their love project and the importance of clean love music. They expressed excitement about their upcoming tour and the opportunity to share their gifts and talents together.
Personal Growth and Future Projects

Tamela talked about how she used to feel like her words didn’t have value, but now she realizes it’s okay to tell her story. David shared that he used to be an angry child, but he has learned to control his anger. They both emphasized the importance of supporting and helping each other in their marriage.
David is writing a book on mental health for men, aiming to remove the stigma around it. They also mentioned their positive experiences working with Tyler Perry. Tamela mentioned her new music and her clothing collection, while David talked about their YouTube channel, where they share cooking content.
Marriage Never Looked So Good

As hosts, Dice and I were in awe of David and Tamela Mann’s authenticity and chemistry. They are the most beautiful and sweetest couple we have ever met. We discussed the importance of putting in the work and investing in a marriage, including therapy and effective communication.
We appreciate David and Tamela Mann’s transparency about the ups and downs of marriage and the importance of trusting God with adult children. We emphasized the importance of being a positive example for the younger generation and the need for accountability and doing what is right. To connect with the Manns, visit their Link Tree.
Remember, no matter what you’re going through, nothing can separate you from God’s love. Thank you for tuning and please leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on what it takes to have a successful marriage. Catch this wave weekday mornings on Holy Culture Radio, Sirius XM, Channel 154.


God’s Love and Mental Health [00:00:58] Opening discussion the importance of understanding God’s love and how it helps with mental health.
Failure and God’s Mercy [00:02:23] Reflecting on the concept of failure and how it brings us closer to God, highlighting the mercy and grace we receive from Him.
Introduction of David and Tamela Mann [00:04:42] David and Tamela Mann introduction, highlighting their achievements in comedy, acting, singing, entrepreneurship, and their 35 years of marriage.
The ups and downs of marriage [00:08:51] Discussion about the challenges faced in marriage, the importance of friendship and communication, and the decision to work through differences.
Maintaining professionalism in difficult times [00:09:50] Exploring how the couple manages to separate personal issues from their professional obligations and the role of humor in diffusing tension.
The influence and impact of David and Tamela Mann [00:14:37] Reflecting on their unexpected fame, their focus on ministry and helping others, and the realization of their influence in the entertainment industry.
The importance of uplifting and encouraging others [00:18:47] Discussion on their goal of making a difference in people’s lives through their work in movies, plays, concerts, and television. They emphasize the need for positivity and encouragement in a world filled with chaos.
The possibility of working together as a couple [00:19:28] The desire to inspire other couples to fight for their relationships and marriages. They emphasize the importance of having God as the foundation and finding happiness in both personal and professional lives.
The music journey of David and Tamela Mann [00:22:02] The couple discuss how they started their music career with Kirk Franklin and the family. They share their experiences of singing together and the challenges they faced, including Tamela’s initial fear of performing solo. They express gratitude for the opportunities they have had in the music industry.
Topic 1: Overcoming Fear and Sharing Your Story [00:28:08] Discussion on the importance of sharing personal stories and not living in fear, drawing inspiration from their mother’s example.
Topic 2: Dealing with Anger and Learning to Communicate [00:29:09] Reflecting on past anger issues and learning how to communicate and handle conflicts in their relationship.
Topic 3: Mental Health and Writing a Book [00:32:22] David Mann is writing a book on mental health, specifically focusing on men’s mental health, to help break the stigma and encourage others to share their stories.
The ups and downs song [00:37:47] Discussion about a song that they both love, which talks about the ups and downs in relationships.
The importance of communication and therapy in marriage [00:40:29] The hosts discuss the importance of communication and therapy in building and growing a successful marriage.
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