In this episode of Da Fixx, special guest Angie Stone, a multi-platinum award-winning singer-songwriter, who shares her faith journey, experiences in the music industry, and her perspective on the importance of embracing faith in the industry. And in our real talk discussion, we’re taking on the challenges faced by Christian hip hop artists in gaining recognition and the need for unity and support within the community.
The Importance of Righteousness

In our journey of faith, we often find ourselves thirsting for the Lord’s righteousness. It’s not just about what God can do for us, but about embodying His righteousness in our lives. This is a topic we plan to explore in future episodes, particularly discussing why Christ’s righteousness needs to be imputed into us.
A Special Guest: Angie Stone

Today, we’re thrilled to have Angie Stone, a multi-platinum award-winning singer-songwriter, as our special guest. With roots in gospel music, Angie has made a significant impact in the R&B and hip hop industry. We’re eager to hear about her faith journey, her experiences in the music industry, and her perspective on faith-infused music.
Angie Stone’s Faith Journey

Angie shared her faith journey, which began at First Baptist Church when she started singing at the age of 11. She emphasized the importance of putting God first and relying on Him for protection and guidance. Despite being a target due to her faith and fame, her unshakable faith in God has kept her safe. Angie’s humility shines through as she expresses gratitude for being considered a “goat” (greatest of all time) in the music industry. She credits her success to determination and competition with herself, and believes in giving back and not being selfish with her success.
The Challenges of Christian Hip Hop

Focus and Dice Gamble highlighted the challenges faced by Christian hip hop artists in gaining recognition on the Billboard charts. They noted that the charts primarily focus on gospel music rather than Christian hip hop, attributing this to the messaging in mainstream hip hop, which often revolves around violence, drugs, and explicit content. They emphasized the need for something different and highlighted the positive and diverse content in Christian hip hop. They also discussed the decline in hip hop record sales and the need for unity and support within the Christian hip hop community.
Angie Stone on Education in the Music Industry

Angie stressed the importance of education in the music industry. She believes that artists need to understand the business side of things and have a team that can handle their financial affairs. She also highlighted the significance of money management and referenced the Bible’s teachings on the subject. Angie expressed her desire for the Christian community to take over the music industry and mentioned the decline of hip hop as reported by Billboard.
Angie Stone’s Perspective on Faith and Music

Angie shared her perspective on family, relationships, and her faith in God. She emphasized that we are all imperfect and that through God, we can heal anything. She talked about the challenges she has faced in her personal relationships and how she relies on God to fix things. She acknowledged that the devil will always try to set us up for failure, but she finds strength in hiding behind the wings of the Creator.
A Tragic Incident and a Hopeful Future

As we wrapped up our conversation, we touched on a tragic incident involving a submarine expedition. Our prayers go out to the families of Stockton Rush, the founder of Ocean Gate Expeditions, and four other individuals who are currently missing. We also discussed the importance of considering the motivations behind participating in such activities.
In conclusion, our interview with Angie Stone was a testament to her authenticity and refusal to compromise her beliefs or integrity for the sake of fame or fortune. Click to stream her latest project Love Language. Catch this wave weekday mornings at 6 est. on Holy Culture Radio, Sirius XM, Channel 154.


Thirsting for the Lord’s righteousness [00:01:34] The hosts discuss the importance of thirsting for the Lord’s righteousness and seeking His holiness in our lives.
Upcoming interview with Angie Stone [00:05:11] The hosts announce that they will be interviewing Angie Stone, a multi-platinum award-winning singer-songwriter, and discuss her background in gospel music and her faith journey.
Value of Christian hip hop artists [00:06:59] The hosts talk about the Billboard’s reporting on consumer preferences and how Christian hip hop artists can level up and show the value of their music.
Faith journey and seeking God [00:08:56] Angie Stone shares her faith journey and the importance of seeking God first in her life.
Boldness and setting trends [00:10:55] Angie Stone discusses her boldness and determination in the music industry, and how she sets trends rather than following others.
Lack of boldness in the industry [00:14:29] Angie Stone talks about the lack of people in the music industry who are willing to be bold about their faith, and the importance of not being embarrassed to talk about God.
Family and Relationships [00:20:21] The speaker discusses the importance of family and personal relationships and how God has shown them that imperfection is a part of life.
Ministry and Music [00:23:31] The speaker talks about their original goal of ministry and how they believe that their music can be a form of ministry and a way to spread the gospel.
Love Language Album [00:25:23] The speaker discusses their latest album, “Love Language,” and the inspiration behind the project, emphasizing the importance of talking about subject matters that relate to everyone.
The decline of hip hop album sales [00:32:09] Discussion about the decline in hip hop album sales since 2014 and the reasons behind it.
The need for something different in music [00:33:12] Exploration of the audience’s desire for music that is not centered around violence, drugs, and disrespect, and the potential for Christian hip hop to fill that void.
The importance of unity in the Christian hip hop community [00:35:43] Emphasis on the need for unity within the Christian hip hop and gospel music genres, and the potential for greater success if artists and fans come together as a community.
The importance of education and business management [00:40:47] Speaker 4 discusses the need for artists to educate themselves about money and have a team to handle their business.
The power of the Christian hip hop community [00:41:13] Speaker 4 talks about the unique power and influence of the Christian hip hop community and the need for them to support each other.
The value of Christian hip hop artists in the mainstream [00:46:00] Speaker 2 discusses how artists like NF and Lecrae have been able to cross over and show the value of faith-based artists in the mainstream music industry.
Eating after the game [00:49:45] Angie Stone talks about being hungry and wanting to eat after the game, regardless of fitting into her outfits.
Working with secular people [00:50:25] Angie Stone discusses the challenge for artists to work with secular individuals in the music industry and the importance of staying strong in their faith.
Investing in Christian hip hop [00:52:00] The hosts discuss the success of Eminem’s faith-based song and the need to invest in Christian hip hop, mentioning specific artists they would promote.
The missing submarine incident [00:58:33] Discussion about the missing submarine and the people aboard, including their backgrounds and the risks involved.
Praying for the missing individuals [00:59:45] Expressing prayers for the safety and survival of the missing individuals and urging caution for those considering similar excursions.
Interview with Angie Stone [01:01:01] Highlighting the interview with Angie Stone, her accomplishments, faith journey, and impact on the music industry.

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