In this episode of Da Fixx, Artist and producer, K-Drama, a pioneer in Christian hip hop, shares how his deep-rooted faith has played a significant role in his decision to stay in CHH instead of going mainstream.
DJ Focus and Dice Gamble have a real talk conversation about toxic relationships and behaviors. They also discuss importance of recognizing when we are the toxic one in the relationship and how to start the healing process.
Strong in the faith

The seasoned producer shares how he discovered his talent as a producer and artist, and how people’s support has helped him grow. Interestingly, the Ohio native points out the middle class of the music industry, which often goes unnoticed, is still thriving.
In the conversation, the CHH vet highlights that there’s more to the music industry than just the mainstream and underground scenes. He believes that the middle class, which consists of independent artists, is underrated and overlooked. These artists may not have millions of followers or a big label behind them, but they are still making great music and have a loyal fan base.
The middle class of the music industry often has more creative freedom and authenticity. They also acknowledge that the lack of recognition and financial stability can be discouraging, but they believe that the middle class is still important and worth supporting.
In conclusion, K-Drama’s insights into the middle class of the music industry shed light on a group of artists that often go unnoticed. This conversation also serves as a reminder to prioritize respectful communication and personal growth in all areas of life.
Real talk, toxic relationships

This episode’s real talk topic is toxic relationships. DJ Focus and Dice Gamble are discussing the signs of toxicity and the importance of respectful communication in any relationship. They emphasize the need to call out toxic behavior and strive for personal growth.
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