Is nature the only true, holy, and worthy God?

We are ignoring the only deity that can and does speak to us. Nature, via our deteriorating eco system.

Instead, we listen to the promises of the religious liars who promote a supernatural savior entity, --- instead of having us move on our own and carry our crosses the way Jesus tells us to do.

To save the Earth, we need to ignore, --- better still, --- shed supernatural beliefs, --- and start believing in and sanctifying our physical reality Nature, and the Earth that sustains us.

Jesus said that at some point in time, we would elect a new god.

I see this as a good time for that, as we are a part of a major global extinction event that will change us, if not end us.

Perhaps it will make us care more about each other if we are voting with or against each other for a new savior.

Holy is a title that one gives to that which has earned it.

It is demonstrable that nature creates for the best possible end to all life.

Scriptures have God creating souls for the worst possible end on the wide road to hell, as compared to the small path to heaven.
I vote for nature. I can hear her, and she is nicer.

What/who do you hear?