Was Noah a traitor to humanity? Should he have told God where to shove his ark?

Gnostic Christians like to reverse the usual verdicts that the bible shows as justice. We do this just for the sake of verification and agreement with what is posited as a good moral position, which is supposed to translate to ethical actions by believers. That is how we prove math and is a great way to prove the worthiness of the issues in the scriptures.

We do this because the bible says we should and we, as free thinkers and not sheeple, follow that bit of wisdom.

I was sitting there the other day and wondered what I would do if I was Noah. It is all a much of course, as shown by the doublets, but regardless, it has lessons to teach.

Yahweh is set on a genocide of biblical proportions, fictions, and is asking me, and you, should you want to see what a believer thinks.

What would you do in this story? Can you somehow make Yahweh look good enough to adore as god?

I, in my Noah personae, after chatting with Yahweh, decided that the right thing to do was tell Yahweh to find another traitor to humanity.

I would change much in this world if I could. A Gnostic world is so much more peaceful and just. Bahhh. But given the power to be a new Adam would be sacrilegious. I would be assuming that there was a defect in the first Adam, and that is fully against the Christian side of my doctrine.

The real capital (G) God, the one who created Yahweh, the (most vile god of gods ), would not allow that given the perfection of man and imperfection in Yahweh.

Would you help Yahweh with his genocide of man, or would you tell him where to go.

Would you be a traitor to humanity?