Religious and political disunity has condemned Earth. Should we thank our religious leaders?

One needs not be a rocket scientist to recognize that it is our failure at the U.N. and other international bodies, who are working hard to unite the world politically and religiously; that is the core of our woes.

By “our” I mean the rank and file who are suffering and dying for our failing systems of political and religious governance.
We also pay heavily for our failed systems of religious and political governance. Billions upon billions of dollars wasted; especially the waste on pointless religions, in terms of law and morality.

If the world does not unify or allow the next few years to exacerbate and hasten the demise of Earth; this generation shows how vile it is as a species.
Individually, people are fantastic. As Jesus said, you got to love them all.

Without leadership, we are deadly. Earth needs a, --- Captain Jesus, --- and decent candidates are not being recognized. Strange, given that Jesus’ moral tenets mostly aren’t, and secular law has already made his love as law ideology fail.

I can remember 30 odd years ago looking at statistics and trying to project the future. I thought people would get worse over time. But the reverse has proven itself to be true. I thought the world would unify. But again I have been proven wrong due to our tolerance of religious and political con men.

Religious leaders in particular, as well as their slaved sheeple, --- that is you if you are religious, --- claim to have moral superiority granted to them by their, so called good gods.

All you religious are the vast majority; so why are you screwing up our world?

The world has had enough of your religious arguments, when you bother making them; which is seldom.

Not surprising that, given your inability to do good apologetics for your vile gods, and your propensity to use inquisition and jihad methods to make the points you cannot do mentally, intellectually or rationally.

Your religious violence and lack of tolerance has wounded the world and you do not care enough for your fellow man and children to leave them a place cleaner and better than what you found.

We are presently spending many trillions world-wide on our various forms of governance.

Our religious governance is not serving us well in areas where it says it excels.

Religions are in fact harmful to society as a whole. I can say that while recognizing that it had many uses in the past and that without it we would not be as advanced as we are.

I think we should cut our losses and divert those gains to the environment. I think we can and should scrap religions and proceed to do the better thing and use politics as our only law. It has earned it.

Your thoughts?