But unlike say,Rainbow Six Siege Credits , where a decorative, compensated loot pool can also be at least marginally accessible by grinding, the only way to get these loot boxes would be by purchasing them in the shop for real world cash. Interestingly, it's also different than Ubisoft's own system in The Division, which allows the purchase of decorative loot boxes from faming key objects from directors.

So that's not great, but players were also complaining that Ubisoft's stated promise, these boxes would at least not provide you duplicate items when purchased, wasn't true, though that issue has since been fixed, according to Ubi. However, overall, Wildlands gamers are not amused.

The Rainbow Six Siege issue is a little more complex. Loot boxes (technically"loot bags") have been added into the game, which players might not appreciate alone, but it's also been tied to some bizarre price increase for the game, which rewards bonus loot boxes to new purchases while...hiking up the total price.

Veteran Rainbow Six Siege players are frustrated about this for a few factors. The first is that new players are actually getting more complimentary loot boxes than they are with their season passes and also their support of this game since launch. But more pressingly, others are worried this price increase will lower the number of new players entering the game, which makes the entire ecosystem stale and unhealthy.

Both of these situations are bumming players out since I think they were excited to be playing large AAA games that had actually managed to steer clear of the loot box craze up to now, but today the plague has reached their beaches, and as expected, things are going wrong due to it. I praised Assassin's Creed Origins because of its microtransactions, calling its desire to sell individual items for a flat cost the"antidote to loot boxes," and now I wonder if it's only a matter of time till they arrive in that match too.

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