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    Dear brother Nathan,

    That is a great question, and one that I have spent no small amount of time pondering, even before your question (I watched that video linked in the article too). In fact, it is one of the most unavoidably difficult realities that I have wrestled with throughout this cosmological revival experience. From my vantage point, there are only two options.

    1. Professing Christian astronauts are lying on purpose. (since I do not personally know any Christian astronauts, I cannot answer the "why would they lie about the shape of the earth?"), with anything more than speculation, which I will refrain from here.
    2. Or, God's Word, as it has been personally revealed to me through Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit, is not true.

    Both of those possibilities are tremendously unsettling and uncomfortable.

    As of right now, without personally knowing anyone with a first-hand experience of seeing "the globe" (not through photos/videos), I withhold judgement about their motives.

    That said, I remain unconvinced that Jeffrey Williams is telling the full truth. As a grace from God (that's how I view it anyway), with my limited personal observations to date, and my God-given senses, that align with my current understanding of Biblical cosmology, I am content to remain in tension on the matter. I do still believe that we live on a stationary plane, with the sun, moon and stars moving in the firmament (dome).

    Regarding cosmology, I know so little still! But I'm ok with that. I'm learning. Like a child. People with tremendous worldly "credentials" on matters of astronomy and cosmology, who have all sorts of education, accolades and large followings, do not impress me, on their merits. For example, I have spent lots of time reading Answers in Genesis material (Dr. Faulkner), and have come away quite grieved in my spirit, at their take on this topic.

    I will still listen to them, respectfully. I'm open to learning from them too. But when what they are speaking (teaching) flies in direct contradiction to the revealed word of God (in my own personal relationship with Christ Jesus), then all I can do is stand in my conviction with a clear conscience, and trust God by faith that in due time He will reveal the truth to me, as needed.

    It's painfully humiliating, because I know on matters such as cosmology, to the majority of people out there that I have interacted with (even dear brothers and sisters), I sound like a lunatic, who is out of touch with reality.

    Thanks for asking such good questions, brother! Love you, man!

    P.S. If you have a few minutes, please check out the video linked below, and I am interested to hear your perspective (warning, its kind of boring). While I do not lean on media as "proof" of Biblical cosmology, in a definitive sense, I am absolutely fascinated by what I perceive to be honest efforts to discern truth, using the scientific method to prove reality. So, much like I do when viewing NASA material, I take in the information and continue pursuing truth.


    P.S.S. And if you have even more free time, the "debate" linked below is absolutely fascinating, and was what I considered to be quite amiable on both sides. Some excellent back and forth, by what appear to be two honest gentleman. Again, I do not take this type of media to be "proof" one way or another regarding the shape of the earth, but the information shared is quite compelling, in support of my current understanding of Biblical cosmology.

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