Laïcité/secularism is the future of religions. Are you pro or con?

Religions are debatably the main cause of war and civil unrest. Religions terrorize each other’s people as well as secular non-religious secular people. The terms inquisitions jihads, homophobia and misogyny, are all I should need say to prove my case on this statement.

Laïcité is full separation of church and state, which promotes a country of secular laws and forbids divisive displays or religious affiliations so as to reduce and prevent the main cause of wars and strife, which are religions.

Canada is a country where equality of all people is sought and religions are anathema to this goal. Secularism is a champion of equality.

The main argument on this topic would be on the tolerance and freedom of and from religions. All one needs do is look at countries under religious rule, to see that some have intolerantly banned atheism, even though it is clear that countries with less religiosity are more peaceful and law abiding than countries with more religiosity.

Muslim reform, as jihads and terrorism shows, is difficult for Muslims. France has just opened it’s first Mosque with a female imam which embraces gays and left leaning Muslims and that indicates that France’s laïcité is having the desired effect of helping Islam reform.

Are you for laïcité/secularism or against it?