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    Lightbulb — Sincere message to all on this forum —

    Where to start? Well, regarding the recent events taking place on this board my heart has been deeply grieved, saddened, and burdened. Last night I spent many hours on my knees in prayer for each and every member that has been a part of this forum that my mind would allow me to remember. Most of all my night was spent in humble recognition of the sin in my own heart, and the fact that I'm in need of the Lord's strength, as there is no way I can continue on persevering on my own. As the evening pressed on many questions ran through my mind. What's really going on in this forum now? Are we essentially ceasing to be a body and becoming a disjointed group of individuals? Our we taking our focus off Jesus Christ and using this forum for our own ends?

    You know, Jesus’ plan for His church is people unified in the faith, however we are seeing something quite different on this board. It's understandable to a degree as there are many people here from all walks of life, but when professing believers are acting in ways that Christ has set us free from, it's a little more than concerning. You see, we are to consider others’ needs before our own. In all modesty, humility and lowliness of mind, we are to be completely humble and gentle; patient, and bearing with one another in love. If we are truly humble we should see our own faults in light of the perfections of Christ; we should not seek to see the faults of others, but when we do, we should speak the truth in love, and desire their sanctification so they will be built up in the image of Christ. We should see our own heart and the corruption that lies hidden there, along with impure motives and evil ambitions. We should not seek to notice the errors, defects, and follies of others. We should see the depravity of our own hearts and should hope charitably in the goodness of others and believe their hearts are more pure than ours. Not always easy to do, hey?

    Now looking back, during my time over the years here, I've learned a great deal. In fact my first encounter with the doctrines of grace was right here on HC! I was challenged a great deal, but in time, the Lord revealed Himself to me in an even greater way. And while I still don't adhere to all teachings concerning Calvinism, the Lord gave me such a love for my brothers and sisters in Christ who do. Now, don't get me wrong, we absolutely should divide over disagreements regarding the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Sometimes, division over non-essential matters is necessary as well (although division to a lesser degree). But, the blame for division should never be placed on doctrine, and never should it lead to a bitter heart causing us to lash out at one another.

    At this moment there are other pressing matters at hand as discussing doctrine has been put on the back burner and has been replaced with topics much more controversial in nature. The sad reality of this is that it has caused much bitterness on the board for quite a few members. So, what to do? Yes, there is definitely sinful behavior that needs to be addressed, but most importantly, as Christians, we are to see one another in the light of the cross. Fellow Christians are those for whom Christ died a horrible and painful death so that He might exchange His righteous perfection for their sin. How can we not extend to them the love, compassion, and grace of our heavenly Father? How can we demean, criticize, and defame those covered with the precious blood of Christ? Were we not slaves to sin when He called us, hopelessly lost, dead in our own transgressions and sins? But we are now slaves of Christ, slaves to righteousness, and as slaves of the Master, the task before us is not to quarrel and demand our needs be met but to reflect His grace and love to those who are also His by His mercy. Is this much to ask for? Can what's broken still be fixed? Where do we go from here?

    Holy Culture members, I want to say it has been a real blessing conversing with you over the years, and hopefully there's many more to come. We've definitely had our ups and downs, but overall, the Lord has been working through it all to produce greater character in us. In fact, He has used many of you to help me in times of need. Forgive me if I've come across in a manner that is hurtful, rude, insensitive, or critical. You are all precious to me as you aren't simply usernames and a post count. Behind every name is a human being to be loved in a way that brings honor to Christs name.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Thank you for letting me express what's on my heart. May you all have a blessed walk with the Lord in the years to come. Eternity will be wonderful when we can finally meet each other not seeing dimly as we do now.
    — Your brother in Christ, Jordan
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