Hello, My name is Nate, AKA Ghetto Missionary. I live in Alaska, been married for 14 years, and have 7 children. I have a project recording studio where I bring clients into to help record, mix and master their projects. I also work outside of the home as a computer technology instructor. I came from the streets, spent 5 years in Federal prison where I was saved and never looked back from there. That was almost 20 years ago. I like most of the classic writers and theologians, Spurgeon, Calvin, Pink, Boyce, R.C, Louis, Owen, Bunyan, George McDonald and so on. I donít call myself a Calvinist, 5 pointer or anything fancy, I am just a follower of the Savior. I work quite a bit and also am an assistant pastor on top of the 9 to 5, studio and being married with children so if I aint around here a whole lot it isnít because somebody hurt my lill old feelings, just got my hand on the plow trying to keep it moving. Well, I hope to make some new acquaintances around here.
In His grip