Hey everyone! I'm glad to finally join the Holy Culture forum. I've been browsing on here for the past few months, so it's good to have the option to jump into the action rather than merely lurk now.

Name and/or Nickname: See my username!
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Canada, eh!
Church you fellowship at: Ebenezer Baptist Church
Married?: No
Kids?: No
Occupation: Student ... working toward a B.A. in Sociology
Hobbies: I like creative writing, reading (mostly philosophy and theology in my spare time ... theory's my favorite), listening to a plethora of musical genres, and creating chillout beats
Anything Else?: I'm chill and I have a feeling I have a lot to contribute to the "unpopular opinion" thread
Favorite artists: These artists have made some of my favorite hip-hop ... Mars Ill, GRITS, Smoke of Oldominion, Adeem, deepspace5, Rob Hodge, Corey Red & Precise, The Remnant, RedCloud, Listener, JustMe, The Joe, Jeremy-Rodney Hall, DJ Shadow, Rjd2, Dilla, Datin, Cas Metah, NF, The BlackSoil Project, Mr. Del