Is it a bad thing to hear the details of a fallen brother? To me it sounds like my dude is struggling with alcoholism and crying for help. Is it great to abandon him? Do we abandon him after emailing him and he resists? Why should we abandon him if we consider him a brother? Do we no longer consider him a brother because he fell into the bottle? Where is the love? Why can't we love him like a prodigal? There's a cliche about a high horse. The good samaritan got off of his beast and helped the fallen. You don't have to love the music. But can you at least try to hear what's behind it? I've fallen before. The last thing I needed was people to abandon me. I needed the flock to pull me back and nurture me back to health. Even if I didn't want it at first. God's love toward us is persistent and diligent. It's not easily discourage. It doesn't quit on us. So likewise we should be diligent in reaching out to Bob and helping him come back. Whoever is leading the general atmosphere of this forum is terrible at their role.