To forgive or not to forgive!Eph. 4:29 That is the question.Eph. 4:29 Tina Campbell, one half of the platinum selling gospel duo, Mary, Mary, has recently opened up to audiences on the duos hit reality tv show, also entitled “Mary, Mary”, regarding infidelity on the part of her husband, Teddy Campbell.Eph. 4:29 This news was a bombshell that rocked the Christian community!Eph. 4:29 But c’mon!Eph. 4:29 Really?Eph. 4:29 Why should it have been such a shock?Eph. 4:29 Because she is part of Mary, Mary, a Christian artist with millions, a home with kids and husband?Eph. 4:29 People are people wherever you go!Eph. 4:29 Regardless as to age, race, color, creed, sex, we are all human and are prone to the same mistakes as anybody else.Eph. 4:29 However, Christians are held to a higher standard.Eph. 4:29 In fact, the highest!
So, what do you do when your man of God steps out on you?Eph. 4:29 How about more than once?Eph. 4:29 Or better yet, with several different women?Eph. 4:29 Well, when Jesus was asked in Matthew 18 should a man be forgiven 7 times, He answered, …”Not seven times, but seventy times seven!Eph. 4:29 I know some of you are saying, “Aint no way I can do that!”Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29 I’m sure you’re not alone, however, for Tina Campbell, she has decided to forgive her man.Eph. 4:29 I say, good for her!Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29 Please understand, I am in no way condoning the infidelity, nor am I stating that everyone should stay in the situation.Eph. 4:29 I am simply stating that I believe Tina values her marriage, as well as her husband Teddy or she would’ve just thrown in the towel and he would’ve just left altogether.Eph. 4:29 Teddy is reaching out for help and Tina is willing to heal openly with her husband for the sake of the family, of which I find commendable.
Unforgiveness is cancerous.Eph. 4:29 It leads to bitterness, sickness and disease of spirit as well as in the physical.Eph. 4:29 It is also a cop out.Eph. 4:29 A way to dismiss a situation rather than deal with it head on and allow the healing process to begin.Eph. 4:29 The road to recovery is never easy in any case, however, it is the only way that you can get back to you and have peace of mind, again.Eph. 4:29 Infidelity can happen to godly men.Eph. 4:29 It is not a matter of resisting in your physical alone, but also leaning on the Spirit of God.Eph. 4:29 Many do not know how to do that or even know what it means.Eph. 4:29 I commend Tina and Teddy for coming out with this “secret” in their marriage.Eph. 4:29 Not only have they allowed people to see that despite their fame and fortune, they have the same problems as everyday people.Eph. 4:29 They have set an example of how to forgive, the many stages of forgiving and overcoming together and lastly the shear realness of it all!Eph. 4:29 No smoke and mirrors!Eph. 4:29Eph. 4:29 Kudos to Tina and Teddy!Eph. 4:29 God bless you and your family as you have taken the path of forgiveness and healing as opposed to throwing your marriage all away!
I’d like to know what you think.Eph. 4:29 What’s your opinion on the whole forgiveness of adultery thing?Eph. 4:29 As far as a biblical perspective, God has given some great answers on the topic.Eph. 4:29 Please comment below and give us your opinion, experiences or comments on the issue.


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