The EP is entitled “givingUP” and it’s comprised of songs inspired by the work of various Christian charities. It’s from a group I’m a part of called the dropsci.GIANTS (consisting of Common Child, Paradox, and reSEARCH).
Proceeds from the project will be donated back to the charities:
1) charity: water –
2) Hand In Hand Ministries –
3) New Life Restoration Ministries Int’l –
The album can be streamed/purchased here:
Or just streamed on Soundcloud here:

You’re welcome to post all the tracks up on Holy Culture, but since we’re trying to funnel as much money to the charities as possible, please don’t make them available for free download. If you could instead direct listeners to the bandcamp, where they can contribute, it would be appreciated. All the songs can be downloaded here:Eph. 4:29
Tracklisting and credits:
01) Let It Flow (charity water – – prod. by commonCHILD
02) Raise The Roof (Hand In Hand Ministries – – prod. by Fab da Eclectic
03) Restored [feat. Katie Carlene] (New Life Restoration Ministries Int’l – – prod. by commonCHILD
04) Sing For His Fame (New Life Restoration Ministries Int’l – – prod. by Dave Santos
05) The World Says [feat. ProCyse] (charity water – – prod. by juicebox jackson
06) Walking Together [feat. Dy-Verse] (Hand In Hand Ministries – – prod. by
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