Greetings my brothers and sisters,

I ask you guys and gals to please keep me in your prayers. This coming Saturday, I am scheduled to take my Series 6 Exam this coming Saturday. Go before the mercy throne of our God on behalf of me. I need to pass it on the first take with a 70% or higher not to retake it 6 months later.

I'm in the middle of Job hunting and all I'm getting are temp jobs. I thank God for them; however, they're not enough to save or pay debts off. God has bless me with a temp Job that is teaching me how to prepare for interviews and how to work on my resume, but I still need God's favor going in.

I proposed to my girlfriend of six years this year. Our relationship is great; however, due to the fact I'm in a temp job verse a solid job, my fiancee is not too happy. Because of my temp jobs and no money currently saved up for future expense, we had to push back the date for 2014. I need you guys to pray for both me and my fiancee to get through this victoriously.

Last but not least,
My walk with God is dead. I'm so numb to the things of God, it's not funny. I'm just going through the motions and the daily routines; emotionally drained and spiritually bankrupt. I don't pray or read my bible.

I'm tired and need prayers.

Thank you in advance...