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    Default Hey, My Name is Kemi...

    Name and/or Nickname: Kemi Shade
    Gender: F
    Location: LA
    Married: No
    Kids: No
    Occupation: TV Host & Executive Assistant
    Hobbies: Literature, Film & TV, Culture, Fashion, Positive Thinking, Love & Peace
    Favorite artists: So...Im new to this Holy Hip Hop world. The shift from mainstream Hip Hop was actually easier than I though it would be when I realized mentally the beats sounded the same. I could still enjoy the sound of Hip Hop and not feel like It was a sacrifice to give it up completely. The message being delivered through the lyrics was the only thing I had to adjust to. "How could such a dope beat coincide with lyrics that glorified God?" I was so use to the "hustle and flow" "stripper anthems" "sex & drugs" & "getting money" music that I felt the shame of tooting it and dropping it low without ever considering my acts of sin. I was about that life, but my clubbing days are now over with. Now I choose to listen to music with a discerning ear, minus the tooting lol
    Da Truth was the first Hip Hop artist I herd that was sold out for the Lord, then came Lecrae, Viktory, Deitrick Haddon and the list continues to grow.

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    hello & welcome!

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