I need your prayers for the inDependency Tour stop that we've booked here in Peoria. We are facing not having enough funds to cover the costs of the tour. We actually only have $100 in sponsorship so far and we need about $1900 more to honest. I'm waiting for some people to commit to helping, but we needed the money last week. I'm believing that the Lord will provide for us in the next few days. If not, then we may need to cancel and have wasted the artists time which I really don't want to do. We need wisdom to make the right decision and then providing the money comes in, we need to finish making sure we have all we need to pull this event off.

I believe Peoria would be extremely blessed by this event even if only 50-100 people come out, if that many do. Also that if just 1 person gets saved because of hearing the Gospel that night, it would be all worth it.

This has been a struggle and really weighs heavy on my mind right now. Can you guys please pray for wisdom, provision, and for His will to be done as we look for everything to fall into place?