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Thread: My Great-Uncle

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    Default My Great-Uncle

    I'm not heavily close to him, but since I've been in college I've gotten to know him pretty well. He's my mom's uncle, so I think that makes him my great-uncle.

    Anyways, please keep him lifted. In the tornado that ravaged my city, he lost all three houses. 2 in one neighborhood, and just happened to lose the new house he'd been staying in with his "lady friend" in another neighborhood across town. All three were completely destroyed -- nothing left. He's not dealing very well with it. He's in his mid-60's. He's not a firm believer, I don't think. He has talked to me about "the Great Spirit" etc, and he has a prayer his dad used to recite that he recites every time I see him because he knows I'm a christian and might like it.

    He's mad depressed, not dealing well with everything, and I'm worried about him. He won't go see anyone -- he says he just wants to manage on his own. His name is Trice. Please pray for him.

    This is all that's left of his childhood home, but he wasn't living in this one. Until the storm it was in tact from when his parents died.
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    I am sorry to hear of this misfortune. I pray that God's magnificent light will illuminate Him to the treasures of Christ.

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    will pray. thanks for putting this out there. also provokes us who don't live in that area to see a personal account and pray for all the folks affected.

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