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Thread: Pray for me.

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    Default Pray for me.

    For those who don't know, when I got married, I inherited 3 sons. I love them. I do. But I am convinced that two of them are trying to undermine and destroy my marriage. Every time I turn around, my husband is attacking me/accusing me of being unfair based on something one of them has told him. What it usually is is that they've told him PART of the truth or an outright lie, so he picks a fight with me over NOTHING. Unfortunately, he doesn't learn and it keeps happening...and I am not even angry anymore. I'm just TIRED. And that's a dangerous place for me to be.

    So...please pray for me and my family. FIRST, pray that the oldest one with the ADHD (who had been living with his mother) GOES BACK TO HIS MOTHER. Because everything is always worse with him around.
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    I never knew you where married. praying.

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