Please continue to pray for my mother. Your prayers moved her to come down to Tampa to me. Therefore I was able to talk her in to going to the Doctor/Emergency room. Come's to find out she has lost over 7 units of blood to Anemia. Yeah, it's not a pretty situation. When she got here she had lost like 90 lbs, couldn't walk, drove 20 miles an hour b/c her legs are too swollen to drive for over 70 miles, and didn't have an appetite.

The Doctors told me she only had a few weeks left to live if she didn't come in. So now they are giving her blood and trying to find the cause of why her blood is leaking out her body.

Please pray for her that she is diagnosed quickly and they are able to move on whatever needs to be done. Pray the LORD's intervention and that these Doctors are honest and upright men/women.

Grace and Peace,