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Fair enough. Also keep in mind that just because a thread isn't made on here it doesn't mean that people on here aren't aware of other issues. I don't think there's a thread about the Sony hackers or how the new Seth Rogen movie "The Interview" isn't being released because of concerns with North Korea.
I think you and i perhaps have different understandings of the word "aware". If u ask me if i am aware of taylor swift, then yes i am, but i dont know anything about her!

In the same, generally Americans MIGHT be aware of the greater world and forces at play among them, but do they actually know what is going on? Do they know what is happening in kenya and why and how that that impacts the rest of the world?... I will venture and say, probably not.

and hey, americans are not the only ones guilty of it, I will say the same of most Australians, that they are also quite sheltered and ignorant however not to the same degree as Americans though. I have never met anyone in my country who thought Africa was a country so there is that...