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    wow what a tragedy. Dude was one of my favorites for a long time. Wow 35 with an MI thats crazy. Def keep his wife and kids in prayer.

    In memorance one of my favorite verses from dude

    The fact still remains to be/ the Son of God broke my chains and bore pain for me/ 'cause when no one else did, He diedso I can live,/ so it's not I that lives but Christ that lives/ within my quarters/ worthy is the captain of the bloodsport whose blood bought us His love caught us\ when we were in sin at every hand\ He broke heavy bands when he took a taste test of death for every man\ Come and see we've found the One\ He's the bright and Morning Star 'cause everything revolves around the Son

    He's omnipotent, omniscient self-sufficient, pre-eminent co-existent, never distant\ the divine Thriller, the Blood-Spiller Void-Filler · the Peace-be-Stiller/ the Sin-in-the-flesh-Killer/ The livin' agua ·the never endin' saga Aleph and the Tau, Eternal Father\ Infinite with all might whose shinin' bright with all light Jesus the Christ the Author and Finisher of all life!
    I give ceaser his just due; after that i'm done; my walk is preparation for my life on the run (cel-d)
    i want to punch bill maher in the face/ but its politically incorrect to altercate (Wize)

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