What up fam?! Glad to be apart of this community. Weird but I just found out about this message board. Some may know me but many probably don't. I go by the name of S.O.C.O.M.! What is S.O.C.O.M. stands for Soldier Of Christ On a Mission. I am from Augusta, GA call San Antonio my home and that is where my fam stays right now, I am in the army as well and with that said I am living in Korea until Jan afterwards in which I will be moving to Belgium for 3 years spreading the Gospel through Gospel Rap ministry that the Lord has graciously provided me! If you want more info and/or want to purchase any of the 3 CD's that have been released (We Will Not Lose Collab CD, TIMEOUT, or Tha Arrival) you can do so by going to:


I am currently signed with Double Edge Sword Records and have released 2 CD's under the label. My CD's feature TONEX, K-Drama, C-Micah, JayMay, Doulos, Mynista, Big Moose, Apaulsoul, Eturnul, Big Rich, and many more. If you like the southern sound mixed with other flavors you will be blessed by these CD's! God Bless!