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    Quote Originally Posted by zacchaeus View Post
    maskillz, yeah...i named you right cause all you're doing is holding "my skills" for me while i dump on your head. now fetch me my size 12 lofers like a good boy. lassie style!!!
    What, lassie? Dude, I'm like Pet Super Market the way I be OWNing both you dog and these kittens.

    Skills? Hahaha...the only skill you possess is the ability to grow a beard, son...Cujo style...I'm suprised the lady in your avatar didn't call Van Helsing on you...fo'real!!!

    Your wordplays does what, Chem?
    Please son, my wordplays play with pun, big pun "intended" to do damage to weak wordplays like yours when it's game time, kid... why? cuz they're not playas they just crush a lot !

    Moms what, Nobel? teddy rubskin?
    Ayo, Yo mama's is the spokeperson for Old Spice for Men, son! She knew it was for her! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPYWTkP9NDM

    I'm mean with it kid...
    I go to broke families home with a $600 custom made T-shirt that says "Jesus saves...you can learn a lot from him"...now what...I'm the reason they coined the term "fire and brimstone rapper"...I burn these cats home after spittin' a hot sermon on stewardship, son...learn how to budget broke sinners...I'm Cre-flow Dollar on the mic like that...now what!!!

    I eat number 2 pencils and feed cloth fabric to spit out Lead Aprons for dental clinics, son... cuz I'm like healthy enamel in a shark's mouth son...I'm hard!!!

    What's up!
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