Today my father went into into a veggie state and only the machine is keeping him alive. It's hard to grasp what to do next but I know one thing, God is Holy and Just in all his ways. This is such a comforting phrase and has keep me in perfect peace. Yet, the issue I need you to pray about is that these Humanist doctors keeping their hands off my pops. They called me this morning with some ambigious (unclear) language about him being an Organ donor. But what they didn't tell me is that they would be removing his organs before they pulled the plug. So instead of them pulling the plug resulting in his death they would be killing him by taking his organs. These murders better keep their hands off my pops. Please fam pray for my tongue (yall know I need help there) and also that I am humbled by this issue.

My Father is not a believer in the Christ and my heart is terrified for him. Yet God is still on the Throne and I trust his wisdom and Will. His will is hard to deal with sometimes but by Grace I accept it and cheerish him. I pray that even in my lost someone is comforted and encouraged in the Faith by reading this. Praise be to the Most High God.

Soli Deo Gloria,