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    Quote Originally Posted by BondServant View Post
    I'm aware of the situation. So do we just abandon the scripts that I posted. Is Tonex, or anyone like him in this same situation. Is this something that we should do? Is this what Tonex, or anyone else is doing?
    No, I don't think we need to abandon anything you wrote. I'm not even saying I disagree with you. I'm just asking how do we take this text in light of everything going on? This situation seems quite relevant to what happened with Tonex, from what I can gather. Doesn't make anything more right or more wrong, I'm just saying, we have to take the whole of scripture when addressing issues. This one seems to be saying something.

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    I don't know what to say about that interview except that I feel for the brotha, because he went through a lot. Is cussing on a song show that someone is not saved? I wouldn't go as far and say that. I would say it was not wise to make that song. Would I classify him as not saved because he did it? Based on just that I couldn't.

    My boy told me a story of his one of his cousins mistreating his great grandmother and the reaction of his family was to take the dude out. This brotha's family is one of the biggest ministering families in the community. Would I say that they weren't saved for reacting the way that they did? No. Was it wise to do that? No. What Tonex did wasn't even close to what they planned to do. I think that God allows us to stumble mightily and still be partakers of salvation.

    I hope and pray that Tonex sees the error of his ways and repents and sees that sort of reaction is not cool. The real show of our Christian walk is that we learn from our mistakes and don't continue in them. I think that many Christians are afraid to make mistakes, so we isolate ourselves from any possibility of making a mistake. I'm not saying go out and put yourself in situations that you know you can't handle. If we have the Holy Spirit we should trust that he will guide us and help us in the time of trouble. We have the armor of God for a reason and that is to USE it! Some of our armor has never been used! It's like playing football and you don't got no scuff marks on your jersey. The only way that you will not sin anymore is to die.
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    Its sad to see alot us in here with our dancing shoes on twinkle-toeing around the issue. Tonex, you are a gifted artist and as a Brother in Christ, I love you. I am praying for you. Now its your turn to do something. People are debating on this board about your actions, and it really doesn't matter because God will not forgive you based on the conversation here. He's going to forgive you when you humble yourself and repent to Him. Of Course you already know that, or do you? In order to have restoration, you must first be willing to be restored. I heard the interview and was troubled by your abrasive behavior. Tonex, that is not a humble spirit that you displayed with DJ Wade. Stop suppressing the Holy Spirit and allow God to move in your life in response to scriptures. You feel like people are cussing at you with scriptures because you don't want the light shed on you. But if its the Word of God, no matter how people use it, the Spirit will respond appropriately. It may hurt, but its hurting your pride and feeding your soul. I have listened to your music since "Pronounced Toe-Nay" hit the shelves in '97. If you have been like this since then, then imagine how God can use you. I feel for your struggles and pain as I have experienced losses and hurts, but you do not have the right to represent God and act any way you feel. I pray you take this in love. I like to keep it real and not dance around the issue. God has given you a gift that some on this board covet. But, God has given you a responsibility in your music, His music. If you are not called to pastor a church, then stop what you are doing and allow that congregation to find someone that is. 1 Timothy 3:1-13 lays out the foundation. God requires nothing less than what is outlined here. If you see people out of compliance with this, you cannot point and say this is why I do what I do. Your responsibility is to God. Bro, I am praying for you and hope this message finds you. I don't coddle, I don't condemn, I love people and especially the people of God. This is why I write this wayand hopefully the rest of us can stop dancing on message boards and dance for God in praise.


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    In Naked Truth we all know he's explaining that he got hurt from the Church World the Gospel Music Industry and the main man who hates holy hip hop today. Not justifying the words he used. But we all know that the Church World and the Gospel Industry are beasts. I believe us as the Holy Hip Hop community need to keep tonex in our prayers give him some encouragement that he will get over his anger towards the communities I have just mentioned above. Because we got to remember that we as Holy Hip Hop heads arent the most received bunch in the Church either. Cuz the Lord knows I still get dirty looks and I spent my teenage years in there.

    In the End its all about Jesus Christ and his Glory not about us!!

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