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I know you don't. I was just saying that because you and others argue for appearance of evil, that it's impossible, because all non-alcoholic drinks can look like alcoholic drinks.

I get buzzes. There is no definition to tipsy in scripture.

As far as being drunk, most the examples are of cats been wasted or hammered. Noah and Lot for example. Them dudes were far past that of being drunk. Noah was laid out naked(I guess his stuff wasn't so diluted with water as some here have suggested). Lot was so wasted that his own daughters had sex with him(2 nights in a row), and he had no clue. That's some pretty heavy drinking. And the other times would be drunkards, alcoholics. Those who get drunk and then in the morning go looking for some more yak. They make a habit out of it.

But we do find that God has encouraged it's use, and in some circumstances in large amounts(but that's debatable), and it was used to make life merry.
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