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The argument of morphine during child-birth is an issue of reasonable necessity to stop unimaginable pain.

Is your liquor stopping unimaginable pain?

You're comparing recreational enjoyment vs dire need- apples and oranges. If we were talking about medicated purposes of alcohol use (stomach illnesses, i.e. Timothy) vs medicated purposes of opium use (morphine use in hospitals), then we can talk.

If you want a more fitting comparisson, try recreational drinking vs recreational weed usage.
Just as you comparing crack to alcohol is also apples and oranges. Weed is illegal in the U.S. except in medical situations....which would make it just like the morphine or epidural that Neb mentioned. So, according to your argument itself, weed would be OK in it's legal form here in the states, because it's dealing with pain, just as morphine does. You're not presenting an overly strong case against this. We all understand why some people don't drink, and that's not a problem.

Also, Japan, there are many wines and beers that people drink for the taste. Konig Ludwig is a beer that does not taste like most others, and is quite enjoyable(especially with German food). There are many wines/champagnes that have enjoyable tastes too. So, just because one person doesn't like the taste doesn't mean that others can't. That's like saying that people don't eat vegetables for the taste.