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Do you believe there is a difference between a lifestyle of these sins, and simply falling in to them spuraticaly?
Hmmmmm.....If you read scripture would it appear that having hundreds of concubines is a lifestyle??? Hmmmmm.... Let's think hard on this on

Look guy, we are tired of these threads blasting Edwards for him being a sinner rather then his teachings. The reasons we debate about these other guys isn't b/c of their life but their teachings. So there's no double standard, we shouldn't be posting to condemn someone for their lifestyle b/c God ordained him to be who he was but their doctrine is another thing. These guys are still alive therefore they have ample time to repent and I pray God grants it to them. Edwards is dead and gone, but only his teachings are things we have to go off. So if you want to criticize Edwards, let it be his teachings and we can go from there. B/c if we are going to bring up his shortcomings let it be just something for us not to repeat, you know like his son who was one of the leading Abolitionist of his day.