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Okay once again I don't think people are thinking here at all. B/c no one can correllate any scriptural Truth to back their answers. First of all Hagin and Edwards shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. That's just my opinion. But to say that Edwards lifestyle contradicts his Truth is nothing new. Do you know what the scripture tells of the Life of Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac? Their lifestyle at times didn't reflect that they knew God at all nor worshipped him. But yet God showed Mercy to them. Hagin wouldn't know Truth if it tapped him on the shoulder and smacked him. That's just my opinion. But what I say about these saints is Truth and recorded in scripture. God used wicked sinners for his Glory. If you don't believe that, then look in the mirror. There's no double standard. In my opinion and what I've concluded from scripture Hagin and friends are preaching a different Gospel then the one past down through Church History. If you don't like that statement, take it to the Theo Boards and debate it.

Nobodies sin is justified nor could it be, but doctrine is to be judged by scripture.

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Seal the issue is not necessarily if Edwrads was Christian or not, I don't debate that & I don't think anyone else does. I don't know much about edwards, but in hearing part of the message BC posted, I believe dude was a brother as I just stated. It's interesting that you come at me defensive although I partly agreed with you on the life of Edwards in my last post Hagin's gospel is no different from what's in the bible my dude sorry & I don't debate or argue, but we can discuss doctrine all day, but that will prove nothing sir, cause you can go straight to hell knowing "sound doctrine" Matter of Fact, Satan is a better theologan than anyone on this board, but is still going to Hell. See the study of God does nothing my dude, you can study Michael Jordan tapes all day, go to the MJ training camp all day but somehow still end up like Dickie Simpkins. Dude it's the life, otherwise Jesus wouldn't have come to give you life & life more abundantly He would've came to give you logical explanations of scripture. I'm not saying Edwards is in hell or nothing like that, but I will say that he ain't no different from Finney, but we'll see when we get to heaven