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    Default Johnathan Edwards in light of Roots and possible Double Standards

    Let me say this before this thread begins. This thread is not to belittle anyone personally at all!!! This thread is about a big pink elephant mindsets that many either refuse to discuss, are scared to discuss or just want to overlook completely.

    For months now I have seen post after post calling into question the salvation of people on basis of several different criteria. I heard some say that people can have the appearance of a christian and do all the things that christians do yet still be a false convert. Again this is just a small bit of things that have been discussed.

    So with that being said here is the question that I have.

    We have a man such as Johnathan Edwards esteemed by many yet when the criteria of someone that could not be saved Edwards is never talked about. Personally I believe that he is so well respected that many of us want to overlook a big spot on his record and that being that he owned slaves. The argument that him owning slaves was not wrong because the bible mentions the owning of slaves. The argument has also been made that we don't know how Edwards treated his slaves and could have treated his slaves graciously as the bible commands.

    Here is the problem I have with Edwards and his slave ownership. His owning of slaves was not the way slavery is mentioned biblically. Biblically mentioned slavery is NOT American Slavery. I repeat it is not!! The manner in which slaves were brought to America is reprehensable, absolutely reprehensible and we cannot downgrade egregiousness of it. I say this because my wife is a teacher and I have seen first hand how slavery is downplayed in today education system. Unfortunately I think this has carried over into in some fashion to our religious circles.

    Please watch Roots this month or go and peep Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce and see if just by chance you can even diminish the grievous, glaring and heinousness of american slavery.

    Now after having said that I have this next question. Why is it that the same criteria of someone possibly being a false convert won't be applied to Edwards? I view this as a double standard here on HCR amoungst the brethren. We are quick to jump on a Hagin, or Copeland or Hinn, Dollar and most recently Ted Haggard yet we won't apply that same indignation against Edwards. Why?
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    “Christians are not patched-up sinners, they are new creations.”

    — Edwin Louis Cole

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