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So Edwards was a false convert? Is that was is being argued?

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No, the topic/what is being argued is the apparent double standard that is placed on these kinds of conversations, ie JE vs. Creflo/Olsteen/TD Jakes, etc.

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Two things.

#1 - the text doesn't say slave trader. It says kidnapper or manstealer. That's not the same as a slave trader or a slave owner. Otherwise, Paul would be contradicting himself in Col. 3 and Ephesians 6.

#2 - Edwards didn't kidnap or steal his slaves. He bought them.

and a third - American slavery was wrong and his owning of slaves and some of his responses were wrong. However, as noted earlier, he struggled with the issue at times. He's written contradictory things about it in his life.......so at the very least, it was a conscience issue.... exactly what we would expect to find when a BELIEVER tries to justify sin.
1. True, but that is implied, especially in light of Exodus 21:16 don't you think? Isn't that the implication and what is being talked about?

2. Isn't it the participation in the slave trade that is being condemned? And doesn't buying and supporting the system inherently condone its methods? John Wesley and others were adamantly against this type of stuff.

3. I am unsure how conflicted he was, but I can accept that.

I think the main point of the thread that has largely been missed by folks is the apparent double standard in these convos.