I love Tony's Cinnamon Krunchers and am having an increasingly difficult time finding it in stores. I decided to contact Kellogg's customer service in hopes that they will address my concerns.

Having interned for consumer products companies for two summers, i'm certain that there is someone on the kellogg's side of things whose job is to read letters like these.

Here's the letter that I sent:

Tony's Cinnamon Krunchers (TCK):


I'm having QUITE the difficult finding tony's cinnamon krunchers in stores. This is really bothersome because TCK is without a doubt THE BEST cinnamon cereal on the market.

It is 100x better than cinnamon toast crunch and yet you guys do not advertise it as such. Why is that?

I recently moved to baltimore from the northeast and finding this cereal down here has proven even more difficult. Are you guys considering halting production of TCK?


I'm a grown man. I don't cry often. I generally only cry when I'm reminded in a powerful way of what jesus christ did for me on the cross (My sin/breaking of God's law merited hell, but his sacrifice perfectly covers my sin and allows me to have a restored relationship with God).

I'm certain that i'll come close to shedding a tear if i'm unable to buy more boxes of TCK.

Please send me coupons so that I can buy TCK at a reasonable price when I actually find it!!!!